Is All Sax Good Sax?

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E-Mail Submitted by Sara:

Hey how are you, My name is Jim, i'm 25 and originally from NJ, right by nyc. I don't know if you will believe this, but i'm currently employed as a saxophone player for the Ringling Bros Circus.

Currently I'm in NJ, home on vacation but I"ll be in miami, fl as of this jan 4, thursday till Mon, Jan 15.

What i'm looking for is someone that is looking for the same thing i am. i'm a Nice guy, 6'4 if u like tall guys hehe., and i'm looking for some company while in town. I would like for there to be an attraction. I want to be able to bullshit, and yet at the same time cuddle and have some pillow talk and maybe even go see the show.

I know this is hard to ask , especially since we don't know each other, that's why i'm asking for someone who's open minded to this and trusting. I'm a good guy, raised well, sweet, sensual, yet i can be aggressive when the time calls for it. Lets chat b4 i get into town.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Sara adds, "When I received this message I was a little confused because he said he was coming to Miami, yet I was living in Columbia, South Carolina at the time. After a visit to the circus website, I discovered that the circus was at that time in Miami, but was coming to Columbia the following week. I'm pretty sure he was sending this same message to girls in every city he visited, and when he sent it to me, he forgot to change 'Miami' to 'Columbia.' Ooops!"

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