One Isn't Always the Loneliest Number

Submitted by Kate:

Bob and I met on the Internet.  We were both into music, and he asked me out, telling me that he had tickets to a concert on a forthcoming Friday night.  One of the bands playing was one I love, and they were on tour, so it sounded like a great plan.  We made it a date.  I was excited about it all week.

As arranged, we met outside the venue.  Bob showed up looking a little different from his online pictures.  To start, he clearly hadn't shaved in several days.

"Hey, I don't have the tickets," he said, "What do you want to do instead?"

I asked him, "Didn't you say that you had tickets?"

He said, "I think so, but I guess I was hoping to pick them up here.  But they're too expensive.  Unless you want to buy them for us."

I had been looking forward to seeing both Bob and the band.  However, Bob fell far short of my expectations, and the band probably wouldn't.

I wished Bob a good night, bought a ticket for myself, and had a great time.


  1. He hadn't shaved? Eff. Are you okay?

  2. It's called a beard Kate

  3. ^ Not everyone finds beards attractive.

    Glad you managed to have a good time anyway, OP!

  4. The OP says he hadn't shaven in days. What she doesn't elaborate on is his attire.

    If he rocked up in a mankini, then his chest rug and hairy back would have been clearly visible.

    Sounds like the OP dodged a Yeti ...

    Well done.

  5. I really like it when we are only left to assume.
    It makes an ass out of...well, anyone, really.

  6. ^^ That gave me a lot of uncomfortable images 0_o

  7. (wait for it...waaaait for it...wait...ok..NOW!) BAAAAHHAAAAHHHAAAA!!! FABULOUS execution, OP!!! =)

  8. ^I'm with rene - I'm really impressed that the OP stood up for herself and had a good time after all!


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