"Honey, Where Did These Come From?"

Submitted by Tiffany:

I was visiting a casino with some girlfriends and was playing some penny slots when Monty, a guy around our age, came over and introduced himself to me and Marcy, a friend who sat next to me.

He asked if he could sit with us, we told him he could, and he asked which of our laps he could sit on.  We should've told him then and there to get lost, but he started asking us questions, and I, for one, figured that his lap-question was meant to be taken with a sense of humor.

He asked us about ourselves, who we were there with, and for how long we would be in the area.  He said that he was born and grew up in our hometown, but his parents moved away when he was really young. 

Anyway, we moved our conversation to the bar, had a few drinks, and said that he had to go make a few phone calls.  Before he left, he invited us both to his hotel room.

He left, and Marcy and I talked it over.  She had done a threesome before, but I hadn't.  We decided to give it a try.   After all, we could always leave if it became too uncomfortable.

We went to his room, he let us in, gave us some champagne, and started kissing Marcy's neck.  Next thing I knew, clothes were off, and all three of us were in bed, licking, sucking, and screwing.

Marcy and I were both in the middle of making out with... er... some part of him... when his phone vibrated on the night table.

He jerked away from us.

"Shit!  My wife!"

Lights went on.  A blur of sheets.  He shoved armfuls of our clothes at us.  "Get out, get out, you have to go," he said.

He pushed us towards the door.  I said, "I'm not going out into the hall naked."  I started putting on my clothes, and he shoved me towards the door.

"Get out!" he yelled.

Marcy slapped him in the face and he fell back to the floor.  She grabbed me and we both made for the door.

We ran down the hall, probably giving some security guard watching through CCTV an eyeful, and made it to a stairwell.

We put our clothes back on, and realized that both she and I were missing our bras.  They must have been back in his room.  We weren't about to go back to ask for them, so we went to our room and cleaned ourselves up.

I was pretty shaken up, but Marcy was a really great friend through it all, and when we joined the rest of our group, we had a hell of a story to tell.


  1. This is not a date.
    This is just a 'Wow, look how goshdarn CRAZY we are!' story about how you scored a threesome.

  2. "Written by a Girl" <-- doubtful.

  3. "Shit! My wife!"

    Nice. I would pretend to leave the room, then come back in when he answered and make as much noise as possible!

  4. Yeah I'm having trouble believing a girl wrote this. If true, then this belongs on "A Bad Case of the Me and My Friend Are Both Sluts."

    And how did his comment about sitting on laps end up having anything to do with anything?

  5. Let me see if I understood this correctly... he kicked you out of the room because his PHONE was ringing? Couldn't you both just be quiet for a second? You do know that, on a phone, the other person CAN'T see what's going on, do you?

  6. I normally don't do this, but today I'm calling FAKE!

  7. Screwing a random guy you met 2 hours ago in a casino is NOT a date. This whole story sets off my BS detector big-time! Can't believe it got posted?!?!

  8. Seriously Jared, are we this hard-up for submissions? I don't usually story-bash, but there are plenty of sites for this stuff already. Please don't expand ABCotD to include crappy penthouse letters.

  9. No way was this written by a woman. Some dude tried to send it in to Penthouse Letters, got rejected, and then sent it here under a female name. Nice try, dude.


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