Bait 'n Tackle

Submitted by Josh:

Chrissy and I met online.  She and I were in and out of touch for a little over a month when she sent me a message, the gist of which was, "Let's make some solid plans to meet up.  When are you free?"

We arranged for a Saturday picnic at a nearby pond.  I picked her up at her house, and the whole way there, she was super-affectionate, putting her head on my shoulder, taking my arm, and lightly scratching the back of my neck.  Already, I felt, things were going well.

This was in a park I had visited many times, and I had a good spot picked out.  When we made it there, though, there was a guy, about our age, fishing.

No big deal.  I turned around to find another place.

"What's wrong?" Chrissy asked me.

I told her that, since the spot I had originally had in mind was taken, I'd find another one.

"This is fine," she said, and plopped down her stuff about six feet away from the fisherman.  He gave us a look.  I silently resolved to disturb him as little as I could, out of consideration, and sat down beside Chrissy.

Chrissy was personable, but she had a loud voice, and would sometimes snort.  I felt bad for the fisherman, and he shot us more than a fair share of dirty looks.

Finally, as we were through most of lunch, I suggested that we go for a walk.

"We just got here," Chrissy protested, "And we haven't finished yet."

I whispered to her that I felt as though we were disturbing the fisherman.

"Who cares about him," she said, loud enough for the fisherman to hear, "It's a public park, isn't it?"  She laughed and snorted.  Then, she slid close to me and kissed my cheek.

I turned to her and we kissed, but I couldn't help but feel a little inconsiderate.  Sure, it was a public park, but that doesn't mean that courtesy and consideration should be suspended, does it?

At some point, the fisherman stood up with his rod and tackle box and shuffled past us.  He muttered something I didn't hear.

Chrissy turned away from me and stood up.  "Say it so we can both hear it," she called after him.

He didn't turn to us, but threw her the finger.  She called after him, "You're a real prick.  A real class act!"

She turned back and kicked the picnic basket over.  I scrambled to collect everything.  She bent down to help me, saying, "Oh my God, I didn't mean to kick it that hard... it's just that asshole..." she went on, not taking any sort of responsibility for her own action.

She wasn't attractive to me anymore, after that day, so I just let things end.  I wouldn't have been happy with someone like her.


  1. The Finger

    ...................../..../ /
    ..........''...\.......... _.•´

    Sometimes words just aren't enough to show how you truly feel about someone.

  2. ^^Agreed and very impressive nice work there.

  3. I mean, I try to live my life by my brother's motto: "I don't know that bitch," which boils down to not caring about what other people think of you; live your life the way you want, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. But I really can't stand people this socially oblivious and rude. Nor can I stand people who waste perfectly good food by kicking over picnic baskets.

  4. I agree that she was inconsiderate and incredibly rude, but the OP should have stuck to his guns and moved if he felt uncomfortable bothering the fisherman. The fact that he just went along with her when he knew it was rude makes him just as bad.

  5. Baku-chan is completely correct. It's okay to not want to disturb the fisherman, it's okay to want to do anything a girl you like wants to do.

    If there's a conflict there, don't be a passive asshat.

  6. Oh yes... is there any way we can get rid of typing codes, now that we have to sign in...?

  7. Wow Josh, kudos to you for having some standards. You don't have any balls, but you have standards.

  8. this girl deserves to sleep with the fishes...

  9. The fisherman should have "accidentally" kicked his bait bucket over on her...

  10. Too bad you didn't go for more; you could have watched her kick over the table because she was pissed at someone at another table in a restaurant, you could have been there as she chucked the ring-box you proposed with out a window because the violinst you hired played a wrong note, beamed with love when she socked her matron-of-honor at the alter when she didn't move her wedding train to just the right spot, chuckled when she shoved the baby stroller down a hill and into traffic when Junior dribbled ice-cream on his courderoy suit. The life unchosen.

    Also, anyone named Chrissy is a cunt. That is all.


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