Unhappy Accidents

Submitted by Nena:

I met Rick at a McDonald's. He seemed nice, and I gave him my number. We talked on the phone, sent text messages, and hung out once or twice a week, since we lived in the same area. We were both studying for our board exams: he studied engineering, and I went to nursing school. There were times when we'd just hang out and review together.

When our exams were done, he asked me out on a date. He said that he wanted it to be special, and he suggested a really nice place.  I'm from the Philippines and if any of you know about Tagaytay, it has lots of garden resorts and such, and he had planned to take me to one of them.

As we were nearing the place, I asked him to stop by a little store that sold huge pineapples. He stepped on the brakes and they did not work. He stepped on them again, harder this time, but still, nothing happened.

I tried to stay calm, but we crashed into a tree. I had several cuts, but nothing was broken. He sustained a fractured rib and fractured left arm.

The romantic date turned out to be a hospital vacation.


  1. That was not a bad date; the date never happened. That was a car accident.

  2. ^Hater.

    Hooray for international dates that aren't full of douchenozzles!

    So Nena, whatever happened to you and your brakeless gentleman friend?

  3. ^ditto! i enjoy the stories that are actually just about bad dates, not bad people!

  4. The date died. Tragic, really.

    Your fault OP.

  5. Toyota does not approve of your merger.

  6. Was this a story or a note?

  7. So I met this girl at BK, and I told her she could have it her way. After we were done studying for our BAR exams we were pretty drunk, and the next thing you know we PASSED out.

  8. Whereabouts in Tagaytay? I went to Manila a few years ago and people kept telling me to stop by Tagaytay. I hope to go back eventually and finally see it.

    I mean...yadda yadda yadda, dodged a tree bullet, yadda yadda.

  9. Slow news day, JMG?

  10. Rick and I still kept in touch but we're dating other people now - later on in the dating relationship we just found we were better off as friends.

    And although I'd like to agree with 9:33 about stopping for the pineapples, well, we would have to stop the car when we arrive to the place so we won't be able to avoid it anyway.

    The place is called Balay Indang. You could look it up online.

    I dodged the tree bullet, Rick didn't. LOL

    Thanks for the comments. ;)

  11. the bad part was "I met Rick at a McDonalds".

  12. You know it's going to be a bad date when a story starts out with "met at McDonalds"

  13. ^ Thanks for the warning. In this case, though, it seems like Rick was the one who had a stalker.


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