No Shirt, No Shoes, No Date

Submitted by Ellen:

Nathan asked me if I would meet him at his house. It was an unusual request, but I agreed to do it.

He opened his door wearing a black t-shirt with a big red dragon on it. He asked me if it was okay for our date, and I told him that it was fine.

He didn't believe me and told me that he'd be right back. This time, he came back in a white dress shirt and short cut-off jeans. I couldn't help but smile.

He asked me what my goddamn problem was. I told him that he could wear whatever, and that I just wanted to go out to eat.  He asked me into his house.  I refused at first.  He then said that he'd cancel the date completely if I didn't help him pick out something to wear.  I didn't want to cancel the date at that point, so I followed him in.

He pointed me in the direction of his closet and asked me to pick out a good outfit for him.  Most of his clothing wasn't bad at all, and I picked out several potential outfits for him, all of which I thought were flattering.

"You suck at fashion," he told me, "Go wait downstairs."

I waited in his living room, and he came back down wearing the dragon shirt, exactly as before.

"I didn't need you after all," he said, "Ready for dinner?"

I canceled the date right then and there.  The guy was just too weird for me.


  1. Queer eye for the straight guy - right Alan?

  2. Seven-thirty8/01/2010 5:55 AM

    Indecisive bullet, have to move in front of it to be hit.

  3. Ok, well, it was pretty crazy to go into the mad man's house....

  4. Yeah, why wouldn't you want to go into the house of a stranger to help him get dressed in his bedroom...there is a difference between "unusual request" and "date rape setup." You're lucky he just turned out to be a mildly crazy douche.

  5. I am to believe the guy was going to go on a date with "Jhorts". So 1993

  6. People, let's not turn this into a bad case of the rapes. Other than be pissy, the guy didn't do anything to indicate that he was going to rape her. If we're going to categorize this, I'd file it under "a bad case of the gheys" on his part.

  7. I think the guy was just mad she didn't pick out the full body stocking for him to wear on the date. I can see her going through his closet now:

    "Polo shirt, no. Full body stocking, no. Cut off jean shorts so small you can see bulldog cheeks, no. Body bag, no.....Ahh, here we are, your mother's wedding dress that you sleep in every night! Perfect!"

  8. ^ Right before he tosses her in the closet and rapes the hell out of her.

    Epic rape FTW!!

  9. "You suck at fashion" - that's where you should have left, considering who we're dealing with.


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