Twisted Sister

Submitted by Danny:

I found a girl on a dating site, Tricia, who seemed genuinely shocked that I had messaged her in the first place.  I think that one of her first messages had a line in it like, "I can't believe that you'd message me.  My older sister's on this site, too, and she gets all the messages.  I'm lucky to get one in a week!"

I'm not sure why, looking back, but I mistook self-deprication for charm, and kept pursuing her.  She'd slip in little things like, "My sister is a lawyer, and she has two master's degrees," out of nowhere, making me wonder if she thought that talking up her sister would make herself more attractive. 

Tricia, at one point, asked me if I'd find her more attractive if she weighed less than 130 pounds, because her sister weighed less than 130 pounds.  I said something like, "I'm into you.  Not your sister.  Can we stop talking about her?"

She informed me that she liked talking about her sister, that she was proud of her, etc.  In the time leading up to our date, I just essentially ignored it when she brought something up about her amazing sister.

On the night of our date, I half-expected Tricia's sister to show up instead of Tricia, but Tricia was good enough to be there herself.

Of course, the girl was in rare form, injecting anecdotes about her sister whenever she could.  I had promised myself that I wouldn't fly off the handle or even acknowledge it.  She'd mention her sister, I'd smile or nod and then bring up something totally unrelated.  I could tell that this was frustrating her, but she was obviously playing some sort of game, and I wasn't about to join in.

Finally, she said, "Do you know of anyone who'd be interested in my sister?"

Jokingly, I said, "Yeah.  You.  You never stop talking about her.  I feel like I know more about her than I do about you."

She smirked, as if she had a joke that she couldn't wait to tell me.  She did: "I don't have a sister."

It took me a moment or two to ingest what she had said.  After some time in silence, I asked her what she was playing at.

She said, "I just wanted to see if you'd believe me, and you know, also to see if you'd be more attracted to her than to me."

So it was all just a game after all.  I don't like playing games, and I told Tricia then and there that I would've been interested in her if she didn't run me through all of that "sister" nonsense.

As things were, however, I told her that I probably wouldn't be interested in seeing her again.  She looked as if she was going to cry, but she held it in.  Dinner came to a fast close, and that was the end of that.


  1. I will never understand why girls think they have to play tricks on boys to get them to like them or to test their "true" intentions. So fuckin' sad.

  2. Well played. Although it would have been nice if you had suggested that the three of you meet and come to some sort of arrangement.

  3. You should here what she tells her gynecologist to make sure he wouldn't rather have her sister as a patient.

  4. Whatever happened to blowing a guy to get him to like you? Women these days have it all wrong.

  5. What's that sex move people joke about where you lean into the girl's ear when you're effing her and tell her that she feels just like her sister?
    Bucking bronco someorrather...

    This is like that, exact the complete opposite and really awful.

    Still, this is a special brand of crazy that I'm surprised didn't lead to her stalking you.

  6. danny, you made a smart move by discontinuing to see this woman. obviously there are some serious underlying self-esteem issues that she needs to deal with. borderline psychotic. i commend you for sticking through it, and showing interest in her and her alone..but i hate that it turned out to be a bit of a weirdo you were interested in. i've seen it go the reverse in alot of situations, and the woman truely does run the man into the "sisters" arms..in this case, you'd have been "duped" either way. well, from a woman's perspective (mine..lol), don't let one bad apple experience jade you eternally! there are some "real" women out there! :-)

  7. Seven-thirty6/28/2010 6:34 PM

    Ah, Nikki, you pose a profound question. Are you going take a shot at answering it?

    Approval of a date by someone other than the couple seems to be a factor in other stories too.

    We just had that post Desert Desertion in which a guy's friend was important for validation of the guy's dating choice. And earlier Dinner Party of the Damned also had a similar challenge.

    Here though the third wheel was imaginary.

  8. Seven-thirty, what are you talking about? I posed no question, and I don't see how "approval of a date by someone other than the couple" plays into this story. There was no outside person that the girl was looking for approval from; she just made up having a sister because she was batshit insane and incredibly insecure.

    The best question posed on this thread so far was from Anonymous 11:48, and frankly, I have to agree with her/him.

  9. I don't get it. What was she expecting? "OH, you were just testing me to see if I would be loyal to a woman I just met? Well done, you're so smart to have thought of that! Let's get married!"

    Batshit fucking insane.

  10. But, but... it worked for Kate Hudson in that documentary "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days"! She treated Matthew McCannawhosit like crap, and they're happily married now! And didn't Carrie force Mr. Big to come to terms with his selfish attitude using this exact trick?

    Or maybe I'm thinking of a Three's Company episode. Whatever.

  11. ^This gives me an idea for a poll: what "romantic" movie, book, or show is the most responsible for your earlier unrealistic expectations of dating and sex? Mine is obvious to long-term commenters. If "Cyrano de Bergerac" were completely real, Roxanne would have been pissed as hell.

  12. I don't see how petting a rabbit is gonna help you get o...



  13. Fizziks, for me it was "Atlas Shrugged".

  14. Seven-thirty6/30/2010 2:14 AM

    Nikki, you asked why girls thought they had to play tricks on boys to get them to like them.

    Of course there was a real sister. They were identical twins but one died at birth.

  15. I prefer identical cousins, Seven-Thirty. Better jingle, and reminds me of a purer time when Lindsay Lohan wasn't a skank.

  16. Anonymous said: "well, from a woman's perspective (mine..lol), don't let one bad apple experience jade you eternally! there are some "real" women out there! :-)"

    Yeah, but what I really want to know is, do you have a sister?

  17. Well, that fizzled out, but I must say, Atlas Shrugged is an inspired choice, 8:26!! Those are some utterly-disconnected-with-real-life relationships. Thanks for playing!

  18. @ Fizziks

    "Pride and Prejudice" because it taught me that if a boy is mean its because he wants to marry me

  19. Good job. That couldn't have gone anywhere but down, down, down.


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