Desert Desertion

Submitted by Denielle:

My first date with Steve went really well. We'd planned a quick date, but ended up spending 12 hours together, ending the night at a park where he phoned his best friend, Joe, in front of me to tell him all about the wonderful girl he'd just met. It was awkward, but I found it kind of sweet.

The next day, he called me and all he could do was talk about Joe: how great he was, how much he approved of me, and all about the fun things that they did together. Then he asked me if I wanted to meet him. I figured, sure, why not? So Steve picked me up and we drove over to Joe's house.

As we drove into a really bad area of town, I tried not to judge but couldn't help wondering what I was in for. The whole way there, Steve went on and on about Joe. I guess I should have been annoyed, but it was kind of cute to see how well they'd bonded and I was actually excited to meet him.

We got to Joe's house and I immediately noticed the young girl sitting on the porch with two kids running around her and a baby in her arms. She couldn't have been more than eighteen years old.

"That's his wife, and those are his kids. That one's my goddaughter!" Steve pointed out excitedly. Then he added, "And there's Joe!"

Out lumbered a large man who was easily pushing his 30s. I tried not to do any math with the kids' ages and girl's age, but I already felt uncomfortable.

When we got out of the car and walked up to the rundown little house, Joe didn't do anything to put me at ease. He was very stern and quiet, and anything he did say to me was directed at my chest. Steve didn't seem to notice.

After about five minutes of getting-to-know-you chit-chat, Steve told me "Well, you two have fun!" and walked off with Joe to his car.


Turns out, Steve and Joe had planned to go shooting in the desert, and figured that I'd be just fine staying at the house with Joe's wife and kids. I asked Steve to take me home, but he got really upset and refused. He stormed off with Joe and left me. At that point I already knew I wasn't going to see Steve again after he got me home, so I decided to try and make the best of it.

Joe's wife was very timid and jumped every time that I spoke to her. The only thing she asked me was, "How long have you and Steve been together?"

"Just one date."

She said, "Get used to this."

Steve returned three hours later, still angry with me.  He dropped me off at home and sped off without even saying goodbye.

That night he called me to apologize but I didn't forgive him and luckily never heard from him again.


  1. Hahaha, "Get used to this"

    or . . . don't, you know, whatever.

  2. That poor girl, stuck in a terrifying, dead-end relationship with all those screaming kids running around her. I'm surprised she hasn't taken Joe, her husband, and the kids out to the desert herself and just gone apeshit on the whole lot of them.

  3. Wow, that dude is a loser. You shoulda called a cab right after they left. Although it seemed like you were judging that family by their poorness, and that is pretty shady. So I guess you are also kinda loser like. There are a lot of really good people that live in poor neighborhoods.

  4. When I was reading the story, I thought the OP sounded judgmental as well. Up until the guy bailed on her and left her at the house. That sucked a lot.

    I also loved the "Get used to this" line. Not that it wasn't sad (double negative FTW), but it was funny in context...

  5. Did I not read the same story? Judging who for being poor?

    I'd be pretty judgmental too if there was a young girl who looked barely 18 and flinchy, with a guy who looked older and "stern" in a rundown house with a bunch of kids.
    Eff that situation.

  6. I thought Steve was gay at first. I really did.

  7. I'm on board with the badness of this date, but I just want to remind everyone you can't just look at someone and know how old they are. I have a friend with a little girl who is in her late twenties, but is very cute and petite and young-looking and could easily be taken to be under twenty. Her husband, who is actually only about six months older than she is, is bearded and balding prematurely and looks a lot older than he is. They could have been this couple, except that they're not rude and weird.

  8. @ 3:00 do you live in a trailer park?

  9. I just LOVE anything that stinks of "I take things for granted all the time." It makes for a very sweet and heartbreaking display when an idiot's very dumb thoughts are crushed by reality.

  10. @5:12 Are you talking about the story, or do you live in a trailer park too?

  11. @4:41. Oh my god. You are too funny. I just spit up Dr. Pepper all over my screen.

  12. Keeping a filthy, ill-maintained property says something about a person's character, poor or rich. I would have had the same reservations as the OP.

  13. Yes NewYorkAngel, that's exactly where I thought this was going! The ending was far more bizarre though.

  14. It would probably be more bizarre if Steve ended up doing something with Joe and left her with Joe's wife.

  15. 1st date, 12 hrs... why not just elope straight to Vegas for the wedding? Self-control anyone? Does she eat ice cream by the gallon too?

  16. Seven-thirty6/26/2010 4:35 AM


    You don't approve of sex on the first date because it's like binging on ice cream?

    By the way isn't it true that once a guy enters a relationship, the girl sooner or later works to eliminate buddies whom she doesn't want the boyfriend/husband hanging around?

  17. I'm 35, going to go for a walk and make sure i don't lumber about the place ;)

  18. I'm 37, and I just make sure I limber up before I lumber. Sigh.

  19. Strange story, sorry for the OP, but why didn't she just take a cab home? (This seems to be the theme on a lot of these dates - seriously, just take a dang cab home!). Plus, Steve and Joe seemed a bit too chummy from the beginning (in a more than friends sort of way)...

  20. @seven-thirty: just the opposite in some cases. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years, and I hang out with his friends (male and female) every weekend, and he's actually the one who doesn't really call them to go out anymore. So he stays home and does his own thing, and I hang out with his friends. They've become just as good friends to me as my own friends have, and if we ever broke up, I'd definitely remain friends with them.

  21. @2:41 : You realize not everywhere has readily available cabs, right?

    I've lived in 3 areas that did not have a single cab service, and 1 area that there were only 2 cabs that serviced the entire 300k+ population. Sometimes it's either wait for a ride, or walk.

  22. Shoot, I was waiting to get to the part where Steve told Joe he was scared because he thought there was a bear outside the tent.

  23. I was waiting for the part where Steve told Joe he couldn't quit him.


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