When Troll Shamans Date

Submitted by Kendra:

Roger was really late to our date.  When he showed up, he didn't apologize but told me that he had "lost track of the time."

The entire date, he kept looking at his watch, and did his very best to keep conversation to a minimum.  I picked up on it easily and asked him what the problem was.

He said that he had a sick relative.  I told him that he could have canceled if he was that concerned.  I didn't want to the date to stress him out.  It was already stressing me out, given his distracted attitude.

He asked for the check right after we ordered.  That really bugged me.  I basically wrote him off, did the perfunctory date thing, and let him take off right after.  I have no idea why he agreed to the date in the first place, but I did actually find out why he was really in a rush.

A mutual friend told me that Roger was in a World of Warcraft group, and that he had accidentally scheduled some major campaign for the night of our date.  That's why he was in a hurry.  His "sick relative" was some sort of quest for virtual glory.  Oh well.  Glad I found out what his true priorities were early on.



  1. That is pretty funny. As a WoW player myself, I gotta say, sounds like if Roger would blow this girl off for a raid, she might not have been all that to begin with...

  2. Alright, lets do this....


    At least I have chicken.

  3. This is why I hate WoW. My boyfriend has done the same thing to me...multiple times. Except he doesn't even bother to show up, he just leaves me sitting there alone. Sorry, OP.

  4. He should have just canceled. WoW > Lame Date, anyway.

  5. ^ Damn, I forgot to sign my haiku...

  6. What a bunch of losers comment here, it really is amusing in a sad sort of way.

    I play WoW, have intermittently since launch, but it is a video game, and a raid shouldn't take precedence over real life.

  7. ya ok guy? you must not be very good then.

  8. Jesus, Gulliver, again you made me burst out laughing in the middle of my silent office. People are work are going to start wondering about me... ;P

    I had a boyfriend who didn't want to have to choose between me and WoW, so he made me a character in the game that I could play with. Leveled it up (or whatever) and everything. I told him that I had better things to do with my time than play a video game. We didn't stay together very long...

  9. 2:27 = n00b

  10. Sounds like Roger wanted to hit that since he raided last night. @Fizziks Switch to Miracle Whip....I am getting tired of looking at your fatrolls accross the cubicle.

  11. That's what happens when you date computer engineers.

  12. Why did the troll shaman go on a date in the first place?
    His mother totem to!

    When they met for the first time, how did the troll shaman greet his date?
    With a lesser healing wave!

    When the date found out he was a troll shaman, what was her reaction?


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