Rainy Nights, Sunny Mornings

Submitted by Josh:

Diane was an interesting girl I had met through a friend.  They were roommates at a college and I had met her when I went to visit. Things started off really well.  She was a toughie, but I eventually got her. 

Since she went to college out of my town, I went and picked her up one evening to spend the weekend with me. Things just went downhill from there. First we got lost when the GPS on my phone died, and I almost ran out of gas on back country roads more times than I can count. Eventually we got home very late at night and went to bed. 

The next day I had work at a department store in a mall. I am a commercial DJ and one of the stores was having a a promotional event and requested a DJ. I figured it would be okay if I brought Diane with me.

It was raining pretty hard outside, and my car and tires were definitely not the best. We slid a couple of times and I felt like something bad was going to happen.

I hydroplaned across three lanes of traffic, and smashed into the muddy median. My equipment slid out of the back seat, broke my radio, and hit Diane right in the back of the head.
I asked if she was okay and she said that she was fine. I got out of the car and tried to push, but only fell in the mud and got my nice clothing all messed up. Eventually a truck drove by and had a hook and chain to pull us out. 

After work we went back home very tired and worn out and went to bed early.

The next day, I had to drive her back to college. About 45 minutes into the drive, my tire blew. My heart sank. I thought, This girl is never going to want to see me again. We were forced to drive back to my home, seeing as how we couldn't make it 2 hours on a spare tire. 

I got her back the next day, 10 minutes before her midterm which she didn't get to study for, and after missing 2 classes. 

She ended up getting a 93 on the midterm, and we have been happily dating for five months. Why she wanted to stay with me is still a mystery.


  1. I don't know where to start on this one...

    "I almost ran out of gas on back country roads more times than I can count" What are you talking about? Did you keep stopping and getting 30 cents worth of gas?? Otherwise you were just constantly worried you'd run out of gas, not intermittently.

    You have a major accident, girl could have gotten a concussion, and your only concern is if she'll still want to see you? You have a major accident because of your tires and you then take a major road trip on *those same tires*?!?

    I mean, I'm glad (sorta) that this worked out for you. I am sure the writing here is not indicative of your talents or intelligence, but it reads like a 12-year-old wrote it. Roommates at a college and not just college roommates?

    Congrats on being happily together, but I suspect the mystery reason she's still with you is brain damage from your equipment ramming her head. Yikes.

  2. While I agree that these are very unfortunate circumstances, the guy tried his best to get her back to her campus. If the tires are going bald on the car, I can only assume that the OP doesn't have the expendable cash to just go out and buy new tires on a whim.

    I'd say that I really hope this is the worst date of your life. I can imagine things going worse, sure, but this is pretty shitty.

  3. No gas, bad tires and an accident for a sleep-over weekend on a first date. Yep, you two sound like a match! Either that or you must be a helluva DJ.

    Agree with Fizziks on the writing, all this happens and he sounds so blase about it.

    I think he was dating his friend's Real Doll.

  4. Oh, Fizziks, LOVE your last mini-paragraph. I also don't know why they're still together after all that, but stranger things have happened.

  5. Fizziks said it about right.

    Don't go on a road trip if:
    1. You can't afford a full tank of gas.
    2. You can't get tires with tread.
    3. You can't bring a phone charger or a map.

    Also, OP is a douche for caring more that a girl wouldn't want to see him again than if she was physically harmed.

  6. Sounds like it was YOU that was the bad date OP

  7. you drove 2 hours and 45 minutes each way (a total of 4 trips) to pick her up and spend the weekend with you?!?! god man....

    funny though cuz my name is Josh and i used to date a Diane, lol

  8. and for the record, you definitely can drive 2 hours on a spare. just dont go over 55

  9. 12:45 has already expressed my exact thoughts.

  10. That chick was definitely rapey, good move on attacking her with your DJ equipment by faking an accident. Dodged a bullet there! Yikes!

  11. ^ Fav comment.

  12. Ha, 3:50, that really deserves the win!

  13. Agreed! The award goes to 3:50! :)

  14. Interesting the way you both kept getting tired and going to bed early. It makes the reader wonder if you rang her bell three nights in a row and she still was able to pass her midterm half "shag drunk", or she was so frustrated by you falling asleep that she had to keep dating to find out if she had missing anything.


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