Didn't See it Coming

Submitted by Emily:

Will and I both worked for local media and saw each other at events around town occasionally.  One night at a party we had a couple of drinks together and talked about our jobs. He seemed a little shy, but nice enough.

A week or so later he invited me to his company Christmas party at a local restaurant.  I knew some of the people he worked with, and since I wasn't dating anyone at the time, I agreed to go.  Since anything can happen on a first date, I drove myself and met him there.  

The party was drinks and dinner with the usual holiday stuff going on. He was friendly and outgoing around the group, and didn't seem to mind that I was mingling on my own some, which I appreciated.  Eventually, the party moved down the street to a bar so I went along.

Some people went to dance and we sat at the bar with another guy from the party. I was on Will’s left and his friend from work was on his right.

Will spent a lot of time talking to this guy while I sat there with my drink.  There didn't seem to be any chemistry between us, but I decided to try to stay involved.  I mean, it was a date, right?

I moved between Will and his friend to be part of the conversation and Will asked me to go back to my seat.  It was odd, but then he explained he was partially blind in his right eye and wanted me on his left so he could see me.  Of course, this meant he had to turn away from me to use his good eye to see his friend.  He was immersed in some apparently fabulous story that I couldn't hear because of all the noise in the bar.

A short while later I got tired of looking at my date's back, and I stepped in between them again.  Before I could say anything, he yelled “I asked you once already to stay over there!” and stormed out the front door of the bar.

I think he wanted me to follow him out and chase him down the street.  Instead, I watched him go, finished my drink, and left.  Thankfully, I had my own car!

The next day, I had a voicemail from him.  He "wanted to explain."  I didn’t call him back and I left my job soon afterward, so it was a year or so later when I ran into him again.

When I did see him, he actually said, “You didn’t call me back.”

All I said was, “You’re right.”  I think he moved away after that.



  1. Ah, OP, I take it this is your first time being invited along to a work function as a 'beard', eh?

    Mazel Tov - but don't be such a cockblocker next time.

  2. Yeah, I was wondering when the OP was gonna realize that he "just wasn't into her" like that. :P

  3. When he said you didn't call him back you should have replied that you were 'turning a blind eye' to the bad date.

  4. 10:29, that would have been hilarious!

  5. Hahaha, "Sit down bitch, I'm workin' here..."

    The guy he was talking to, was he at least hotter than you? As a gay man, I wouldn't mind being asked to go to a party with a lesbian friend and pushed aside, as long as the girl she's talking to is hot. Then again, I'm a fun drunk, so I would've at least gotten a few others with me to do some shots and have a good time. Screw the date. Your date's coworker probably did...

  6. Come on, this was a tough one. It did have all the indications of an actual date. She thought shy, not gay. Not fair. The whole bar scene sounds bizarre. I would have stayed and had drinks with the other guy, just so we could talk about it.

    @10:29 Nice.

  7. I dunno guys. If he really was gay, then he probably would have sent her away once he started making his move on the other guy. I can't imagine you could make an impression on another gay guy by approaching him with your female date in tow.

  8. ^ The OP's date may not have known the other guy was gay, if he even was. You bring the girl along as a buffer so that others don't know you're gay. See, if things didn't go well and the other guy was not gay and gets defensive, the OP's date has that buffer to say "WTF are you talking about? I'm here with her. I was just asking you over for a beer or two after this to hang. Jesus..." or something of the sort. The other guy could have already told the OP's date he wasn't gay, or could have said he was but the OP's date was with a chick. He may have tried to convince the guy that he was gay, but the OP kept interrupting things, so the OP's date didn't have a chance scoring with this guy.

    Either way, it sounds like Fizziks hit the nail on the head.

  9. 9:30, thanks for spelling it out for the ignorant. We both know this territory a bit too well, eh?

    It is bad form for him to not have told you what was up, OP, if this was the case. But that may well have been what he needed to explain to you later. Think about it.

  10. ^ That, or Will could have been closeted enough to sleep with a chick, but would prefer to score with the guy rather than Emily. If things didn't work out with the guy and Emily would have backed off, Will could have very well gone home with her and nailed her, thinking of the other guy the whole time. It would have been angry, shameful sex, but sometimes that's the best kind for the girl / bottom.

    And Fizziks, yep, seems we know the game pretty well. I've never been that closeted before myself to need to bring girls on dates with me, and I've never been too shy to ask a guy for a trip to the bathroom so nobody finds out he's gay, but I've played with many closeted guys, and have learned the discretion mentality.

    On another note, Will didn't try nearly hard enough. If the guy saw that Will had blown off Emily, he probably would have gone to include Emily in discussion, after seeing Will was clearly not interested, if he weren't interested in Will's cock. The fact that the guy hung around while all this went down is a good indication that Will had a chance to either take him home, or (as stated before) take a quick trip to the bathroom. It's pretty cowardly to bring a girl with you as a buffer, but Will's cowardice probably cost him a lay that night, when he probably just had to buy the guy another round and take him home. Bummer for all parties involved.


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