Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Submitted by Maureen:

Clark asked me out to a dance night at a local dive bar. He came across as a fun and daring kind of guy. He told me that he sometimes did stunt driving work in TV commercials, and even sent me some videos of his work.

The first thing I noticed upon meeting in person was his dandruff. There was more of that than his actual hair, I think. It wasn't the little, pinprick flakes, either. These were crumbs.

Well, gross, but maybe he was trying a new shampoo and it wasn't working for him. It was okay. Once we started dancing, I focused of having fun.

We sat down after a few and he ordered us drinks. Some of his head crumbs fell into his martini. Do I say something? Do I not? Before I had decided, he drank a swig of it down. Yummy.

He sneezed at one point, sending head crumbs everywhere. One got in my eye, but I was able to remove it without fanfare. He asked me to dance again, and we did.

The bar turned it's lights off and out came the black lights, which, you probably know, cause anything white to glow a bright purple. His hair lit up like a planetarium projector. Whenever he moved, crumbs flew off everywhere.

I sat myself down to gather my wits. He was very nice to me for the rest of the evening, but I just couldn't get past the flaky invasion.

As it turned out, we stayed friends, and his dandruff has since improved dramatically.


  1. sounds like anonymous 11:34 has a dandruff problem.

    you should use neutrogena t-gel, works great!

  2. Agree that 11:34 is unnecessarily harsh and projecting its own feelings about dandruff onto the OP. She was very polite, not bringing it up, and since they remained friends, it's obvious that she didn't necessarily count it against him. Glad that his dandruff has improved!

  3. 11:34 here again. No, I don't have dandruff. I just find it quite vapid that someone would use a temporary problem such as dandruff to find someone disgusting and write them off as a date. I guess it's fine to find someone disgusting and judge them because they weigh more that you do.

  4. OP ... you are fucking hilarious.... I haven't laughed this hard at a date in awhile ..."Head Crumbs" ... fucking genius ... the part with the black light and the crumbs were going everywhere I laughed out loud at work .... your fucking awesome.

  5. He sounds like a real flake.

  6. It IS fine to find someone disgusting and judge them for weighing more than you do, or having too much hair or too much dandruff or not having large breasts or a round ass. It's called having a personal preference about someone's physical characteristics.

    If you're not the type of person who is attracted to someone with small boobs, I won't be your kind of girl. I'm not gonna hold it against you; it happens. If I'm not attracted to someone who can't fit into one seat on an airplane, then I'm allowed to feel that way.

    In other words, sometimes you have physical chemistry with someone, and sometimes you don't. That's life.

  7. I wonder if maybe the guy was suffering from Psoriasis on his scalp...it's no picnic, but there's medicine out there to keep it at bay.

    Gotta say it was nice of you not to go running in horror...issues like that often lead to enough self-esteem trouble as it is.

  8. I agree - the OP was tactful about it. Especially when the problem was bad enough that he should have noticed and done something about it - like head and shoulders or if it is a medical condition, get some medication.

  9. I hope the OP ends up married one day. Then divorced because she gained a few pounds during childbirth.

  10. Lol the dude had dandruff falling in his martini, give me a break fellas.

  11. You guys are missing something here. If the guy was a stuntman then its obvious that it was cocaine, and his house was literally engulfed with it. And cocaine in drinks is gooooooooood stuff. You should have slow danced with him and snorted on his head and shoulders.

  12. Honest to God, I just posted 8:50 above and the code to post was:


    No shit.

  13. @8:50 - "Snorted on his head and shoulders." haha! Awesome.

    I think 11:34 stands alone here. The OP wasn't trashing the guy, and she was tactful about the situation. Let's be realistic here - if someone has some disgustifying personal hygeine problem, your mind will fixate on it, and you're going to be more repulsed than attracted, regardless of how great they might be otherwise. It's unfortunate, but it's also normal.


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