A Walk in the Park

Submitted by Lianne:

Simon told me that he had an idea for something "different" for our date.  He said that it was something he had done loads of times before, and that it was a surprise.  I considered asking him how something "different" could have been something that he had done "loads of times," but I tried to keep an open mind.

He told me to meet him at a park on a lake about a half-hour away.  I did.  I called him up to find out if he was already there.

"Oh, I'm here.  You'll have to find me.  It'll be well worth it," he said over the phone.

It was a nice day and I figured that it was indeed something a little bit different, if not a little strange, for a first date.  The park was relatively well-populated, and I started up one of the paths.

After a half-hour, though, I grew tired of not spending the time with the guy I had come to spend time with.  I was hungry and becoming bored.  I called him up and asked him, "Where are you?  Let's just meet up and do lunch."

He said, "I should've known that you had no sense of adventure.  I might be sitting over a picnic lunch, waiting for you."

That was promising, so he gave me a hint about direction and I kept going.

That hint didn't work out so well, and after another twenty or so minutes, I was ready to call it quits.  I called him and told him so, and he gave me precise directions to where he was, about as deep into the park as you could go.

When I found him, he was just sitting there on a bench.  No picnic lunch.  His defense was, "I said that I might have brought a lunch.  I never said that I did."

It was a good forty minute walk back to the car, but I must have done it in twenty, and without him.

Why without him?


  1. I think we just had our first date orchestrated by Samuel Beckett!

  2. LMAO Fizziks

  3. You FOUND Waldo! Congrats!

  4. So did you even bother waiting to see what he had planned?

  5. "So did you even bother waiting to see what he had planned?"


  6. Why the hating, 4:49? It's actually a good question - I doubt that he planned the entire date to be a scavenger hunt looking for him. There's no doubt that he intended to actually hang out and do something afterwards. Why not actually spend time with him, get to know him, and have a real date?

  7. .....POLO!

    But seriously, what was this guy doing for the hour he was sitting alone in the woods alone? I think that's the real question. I'm guessing digging your shallow grave....but then again, I like to think ahead.

  8. ^ Masturbating. You know, "loads" of times...

  9. Love Picnics3/25/2010 12:00 AM

    Ha ha, nice. I really like this entry.

    I like the idea, I'm going to try it one day. However, I wouldn't make my date wait an hour, perhaps leave clues to follow (like Amelie?), and I would have a picnic ready and set up.

  10. This guy strikes me as manipulative and controlling - I mean, she's accused of not being adventurous enough after 30 minutes of searching - I think a cool guy who happened to think it was a cute idea for a date would've given more clues and probably called her after 15 minutes or so and said, "hey, here I am!", rather then allowing her to wander for almost an hour... and no picnic lunch. Screw that noise.

  11. ^What noise? What a terrible new slang word. At least say Fuck that noise, or something with a little umph in it if your going to use such a shitty version of slang.

  12. I like "screw that noise" but agree that "fuck that noise" is more effective.

    I don't think the girl is at fault here. What's the point of sticking around waiting to see what some asshole in the middle of the woods "has in store for her" datewise? He was pretty uncooperative, cranky, and didn't even have the decency to offer her so much as a granola bar when she got there. Wasting more time to see what other "adventures" he had planned would not have been a smart move, and you same trolls saying she didn't "give him a chance" would have given her hell if she HAD stuck around.

  13. I think this could be good if you have been dating for a while. For the first meeting.......creepy! LOL,

  14. I would've slapped him before I left.


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