Stripped, Not Stirred

Submitted by Lorraine:

Mark and I were out to dinner on a first date.  Aside from giving me weird stares during conversational lulls, things were going all right.  We went over what we did for a living (I'm a hygienist, he was an admissions counselor at a college), a bit about our families, and what we liked to do for fun.

At one point, he asked me, "Do you like card games?"

I nodded and told him, "Bet I could clean your house out at poker."

He smiled and said, "I'll take you up on that.  What stakes?"

I said, still kidding around, "In your case?  Better off using pennies.  If we played strip poker, you'd be leaving my house without skin."

He stopped smiling and asked, "Have you ever played strip poker?"

I said, "In college, once.  Unfortunately, it was before I was as good as I am now."

He asked, "Did you lose?"

I told him, "Big time.  And in front of a bunch of people."

He asked, "How far?"

A warning bell started going off in my head for some reason, but I chose to ignore it and answer, "Uh... down to my underwear."

His nostrils flared and he trembled a little bit.  I asked him, "You okay?"

He shrugged and sat back, then said, "I guess that's okay if you're a slut."

My mouth dropped open and I retorted, "Whoa!  This was almost ten years ago!  There wasn't anything sexual about it at all!  We were all just drunk and having a good time!"

He rolled his eyes, said, "Whatever," and effectively killed the date.

But property damage would've been okay.


  1. Are you kidding? How is there nothing sexual about it. The guys probably got it off pretty well while you were stripping naked. No self respect. Good on him for ruining the date.

  2. I'm starting to think that most Bad Dates are the natural and ultimately beneficial result of two people who would *never* get along, finding out fast! People who think public states of undress mean you're a slut vs. people who think it's no big deal, people who want to feed the homeless vs. people who want to deport them to work camps, people who eat sandwiches with their hands vs. insane control freaks, etc....

  3. The guys playing strip poker are sluts too. Just sayin'.

  4. "His nostrils flared and he trembled a little bit." Haha. Guy was out of his league and the moral rectitude was a reflex because he was coming up short in the banter.

    Whether someone is a slut or not has to some degree to do with the state of a person's own mind. If you play strip poker, lose and laugh about it, what's the big deal? If a woman feels degraded and unhappy in her sexual relations, then she may appear slutty even she doesn't even have many partners.

  5. Not being ashamed to admit that you played strip poker once along time ago is one thing. But rationalizing it saying "there was nothing sexual about it" is either self-delusion or idiocy. What is the point of strip poker then? Are all girls playing it going "teehee innocent fun!" while the guys are all going "YEAH FREE NUDIE SHOW"? I'm sure lots of guys are going around college dorms going, "Oh man we played strip poker and all these girls were in their underwear, it was such wholesome non-sexual innocent fun! Let's go watch more NickToons!"

  6. A note to all of the men calling her a slut: You only reveal your own insecurity when you try and make a woman feel guilty about her sexual choices.

    To the OP : Whether it was 10 years or 10 days ago, you don't need to justify yourself to anyone.

  7. The bitter commenter above me doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're," but feels okay calling someone else stupid. Just sayin'...

  8. I like sluts, as a matter of fact, if you can guess what I have in my hand I will give you half of it.

  9. ^ double-ended dildo?

  10. Sluttiness is a social construct. A woman who shows her hair in a socially repressive society is considered a slut and a temptress, but in a society like ours (which is less repressive, but still shows its Puritan origins), she's just a woman showing her hair.

    Also, 2:23's comment was laughably incoherent and misguided. A sad, bitter man's attempt at taking out his frustrations about women who won't fuck him on the OP, who has done nothing wrong by him.

  11. Nikki,

    You never cease to amaze me with bombastic retorts to some of the commentators.

    Just so you don't get confused, that is not a complement.

  12. ^Yes, but is it a compliment? ;)

    Keep speaking truth to jackassery, Nikki.


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