Something Clearly Matters to This Guy

Submitted by Ashley:

Tim was laid back to a fault.  I liked him at first because he was a talented singer, but when I asked him where he wanted to go for our date, he told me, "I just don't care."

So I made all the arrangements: dinner and a movie.  I picked the dinner place and decided to leave the movie up to him.  My only stipulation was no horror.

During dinner, I asked him what movie he wanted to see, and he said, "Doesn't matter."

I told him that he had to have some sort of opinion.  What if I picked out a chick flick?  Or a kids' movie?  Would he have been okay with that?

"Yeah," he said, "'Cause it's not exactly like we'll be watching the movie.  If you know what I mean."

I was shocked silent.  He went on, "See?  We have the same idea."

I told him, "Uh... we don't.  I'm not planning to hook up with you in a movie theater."

He said, "Whatever.  Don't care."

This was going bad fast.  I tried a last-ditch effort.  "Let's do something else, then."

He retorted, "Want to come back to my place?"


He said, "Whatever."

After dinner, I made up an excuse and we parted ways.  He wrote me a farewell text, "U hav a problem?" I didn't respond to it.


  1. Anybody who texts "u hav" instead of the word "you have" when they're not running low on the 160 character limit is obviously going nowhere in life.

  2. Agreed with "Anonymous."

  3. If he was so obviously disinterested in you and the prospect of dating you (and in life, it would seem), why did you so doggedly pursue a date with him? Were you young and obsessed with dudes in bands at the time?

  4. a man with no thoughts, no opinions who is willing to put out?

    he sounds dreamy!

  5. The guy probably had the smoldering, rebel, disinterested, look that women go crazy for.

  6. "Smoldering" implies fire, Newbie. Not a lot of fire there, it sounds like.

  7. @ Anon 11:31- ROFLMAO! Don't forget that he can sing too.

  8. All these musician dates seem like they are totally self absorbed. Reminds me of these dorks who formed a band and learned to play back in my high school. They had absolutely no idea how to meet chicks, so they relied totally on stupid groupies.

  9. ^ Sounds like you're jealous the dorks got laid more than you did.

  10. Calm down, 4:09am. As for the musicians being dorks, I tend to agree. I've known some great ones who supported themselves but they've been in the minority. Most of them are only interested in girls for sex and to mooch money from because they only started their crappy bands in order to get laid. I think she lucked out when the date went nowhere.

  11. yes 10:25, but I am not sure if it is jealousy, or disbelief that these socially inept dorks ever get laid. I get some, but I have to work for every little bit i get.


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