Picture Imperfect

Submitted by David:

Jillian and I met through a photography trade organization.  We had both found some success working with ad agencies.  My work has included several different subjects, while she has worked primarily with models.

We were out for drinks, chatting things over, when we broached the topic of past relationships.  She said that she had just emerged from a long-term relationship that had lasted just over three years.  We talked about that and my own past.  Mostly superficial stuff.

Once we hit the topic of work, though, she mentioned something curious.  She mentioned a romantic encounter that had occurred after hours at her photo studio with a male model.  It was a hot story, but she mentioned that it had happened about a year ago.

I did the math and realized that she had cheated on her boyfriend.  I asked her if she had any similar stories, and she said that over the past five years, she had hooked up with various models.

I asked her if her boyfriend had minded.  She told me, "You think he knew?  That's just how it's done in this business.  It wasn't cheating, but he wouldn't have understood that."

Being in the business myself (but not working with models too often), this was the first I had heard that such a practice was as ubiquitous as she had said.  I understood her well enough, and was sure to not ask her out again.


  1. I especially liked the part when she mentioned how what she did wasn't cheating... I hope she has luck convincing other potential partners that her infidelity is actually reasonable and not bad.

  2. I'm sure she's been able to get away with it up until now, but she's going to get a rep. Not all models enjoy going to a job and then getting hit up for sex by a photographer, male or female, hot or not. In case she's forgotten, she's making herself liable for a harassment suit.

  3. You should have 'thrown-the-length' to this beyotch!! She's clearly a "GO-ER".
    Of course, it'd probably be like dipping a hot dog into a bathtub.

  4. It ain't cheating until someone gets preggers.

  5. it's all fun until someone loses a fetus.

  6. Top marks for using "ubiquitous"

  7. As a former model, I find this story rather creepy. It's no secret that many photographers try to get with their models, but as far as I've known it doesn't usually happen. This woman must have had little dignity.

  8. 6:15 - fucking ZING!

  9. as a current human, I find it creepy that former models consider sex creepy. Is it still creepy when its you getting laid, or only when others do it?


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