Find Out Next Time. We're All Curious.

Submitted by Colleen:

Frank took me out to lunch.  It was our first date, so all I thought we were doing was testing the waters.  As it turns out, Frank wanted more than just testing.

During the meal, he asked me where the "sexiest place I had done it" was.  I didn't think it was any of his business, but we were otherwise having a good conversation, so I told him.  He seemed really impressed, then leaned in close and told me, "I know of an even hotter place right around here."

I put on my best smile and told him, "Maybe next time."

The topic switched back to less carnal matters, but every now and again he guided it back to doing it in his secret place.  Was he expecting me to suddenly change my mind?  "You know what?  How silly of me!  Right after I'm done with this chicken, let's run off to that place and get naked, even though I just met you and don't even know too much about you.  What's that?  Oh, yes.  Any orifice you want!"

The date ended, and I didn't hear from him ever again.  With an ace in the hole like a good place to have sex, who needs personality anymore?


  1. A place even hotter than that? He was gonna say "Uranus."

  2. u left out the part where u told him the sexiest place youve done it

  3. You know what, I bet you didn't even plan on sleeping with him on the second date. Cock tease.

  4. No need for naked on the first date, bj's are a perfect thank you for a nice time.

  5. At the very least give the guy a handy J.

  6. He took you out for more than 10 minutes and he didn't even get a chance to impregnate you? Total cocktease.

  7. He couldn't talk about anything else because he couldn't think about anything else. Try dating some guys over 20, at least they've learned to fake a good game by then.


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