Sisters and Cheesecake Aren't Always Awesome Together

Submitted by Alexander:

Lara and I had a nice enough first part of our first date.  We went out to a Japanese place, split sushi, and had an overall pleasant conversation.  She was attractive and a great conversationalist, so I figured that she would likely be a good bet for a second date.

When we were done with dinner, she asked me what I wanted to do.  My idea was to find a cafe for dessert, if for nothing else than a change of scene.  She recommended that I follow her home (we drove separately) as she had made a cheesecake.  I'll try anything homemade, so I followed her back to her place.

Turns out she had an apartment with her older sister.  When we came in, I sat down in the kitchen and Lara prepared to pull out the pie... when her sister walked in wearing a pajama top and boyshorts.

She locked eyes with me, said, "Oops, sorry!" and turned around back to her room.

I let a smile slip, and I looked at Lara, who was staring at me, holding a plate of cheesecake, and not smiling at all.

"What the fuck?" she said to me.  I thought that I had misheard her.

She said that she saw the way I had looked at her sister, and proceeded to remind me, over and over, that I was on a date with her and not her sister.

I told her that I was merely surprised and that I hadn't looked at her sister in any particular way.  I was just surprised to see an unexpectedly scantily clad girl walking into the kitchen.  After I had explained this, I asked for my cheesecake.

She picked it up off the plate and slammed it onto the floor.  "Eat it!" she shrieked.

I stood up and left that instant.  I had better things to do with my Friday night than spend it with some insecure psycho.  Anything was better than that place.


  1. Ok so in all honestly, was her sister hoter then her, lol. wouldnt suprise me if your date was jealous/insecure of her sister, if she is hot.

  2. Too bad you didn't stay and comfort her... you coulda banged her that night, and her sister in the morning before she woke up.

  3. You should have boned the sister. That would have showed her...

  4. Good Dodge.

    Anyone who treats cheesecake like that is dangerous.

    Congrats on living to date another day!

  5. Sorry buddy, but the second you "let a smile slip" you broke any connection you made with your date. But maybe some of the studs on this thread will let you come over and bone their sisters in compensation.

  6. Dumbass, totally made until the final test. never ever look at another surprise female in a test situation. home alone with a homemade cheesecake? jesus are you dreaming?

  7. eat anything homemade? i was made at home, eat me.

  8. Meh. If you really were eyeing here, which I can imagine you were (who wouldn't?), then you're date had every reason to be angry..

  9. Who's to say that he was "eyeing" her, 7:30? It's a natural instinct to turn and look towards something making noise or someone entering a room, and it's especially natural to look at that person if they are of the gender you find attractive and they're not wearing clothes.

    Now, if he was rockin' it like that old cartoon wolf, with his eyes bugging out and his tongue flapping all around lasciviously, then yes, the little sister had the right to get mad. But we don't know how he was acting, because we only have HIS word to go on. Benefit of the doubt for the guy: he probably glanced at the sister, raised an eyebrow, smiled at the awkwardness of the situation, and went back to his date. She probably has a LOT of emotional baggage concerning her sister (who doesn't?), and ended up blowing things out of proportion. (See her killing that poor, defenseless cheesecake.)

  10. I got a c-note that says the chick knew little sister had a boy in the house. Than 'oops you saw me in my underwear' was totally intentional.


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