Look Out Below

Submitted by Hugo:

I met Grace, a nice dental hygienist, at a party.  She seemed like a lot of fun and we made plans to meet up.  I was to pick her up at her house and take her out to dinner.

I went to her house, rang her doorbell, and waited.  I thought I heard a, "Be right down!" followed by a tremendous THUD!

I jumped and turned around.  Grace was lying, collapsed, in her front yard.  She was moaning and groaning, and I rushed to her side.

Apparently, in an effort to surprise me, she had jumped out of her second-story window and, well, failed.

She had clearly broken something, so we ended up calling an ambulance and I followed her and her brother to the hospital.

She turned out okay and we're still dating.  Lousy first date, though.


  1. lol what was she thinking?

    but its nice that you didnt let the incident get in the way of things.

  2. Wow, that's awesome! Lol

  3. Yeah I to question this girls brains if she willingly jumped out of a 2 story window. She is clearly mental.

  4. I question the brains of someone who doesn't know the difference between "to" and "too."

  5. @Aysel

    Making broad generalisations, accusing others of being idiots and telling them not to breed makes you seem like an asshat. Please don't breed.

    Oh no, now I did it myself. Now I'm not allowed to breed either.

    *rolls eyes*

  6. Why do you say she failed? She DID surprise you, didn't she?

  7. not really a "bad date" per se, but funny nonetheless.

    Thanks for the chuckle. :o)

  8. HAHAHAhahahaha! When someone asks how you met, you can tell them she fell from the sky.

  9. LOL I agree with 9:06 - you WERE surprised, so I'd call it a win. Nice story, good change from the 'we met on the internet and s/he was a psycho and I totally dodged a bullet'. I'm glad you ended up with your weirdo :)

  10. I like this girl!

  11. That's so awesome :D

  12. I'm still trying to figure out why the hell she jumped out the window...

  13. sounds made up to me.

  14. haaaaaaaaa, awesome.
    that's cute.

  15. A) Did she think that she wasn't going to get hurt initially?

    B)What made you not bail? (not meant to be condescending..)

  16. I guess you could say she fell for you as soon as she met you.

  17. I'm a kid and I would never jump out a window!!!!
    People are so stuped!!!

  18. What follows is a true story: Many years ago, I was seeing this guy who I snuck into my apartment (on the second floor) at around midnight. My mom was still awake down the hall in her room, and I was terrified of what would happen if she heard anything. At three am, he couldn't stand it anymore and said that he was afraid that if my mom did find us, she'd castrate him.
    Knowing that it would be too risky to use the front door again, he jumped out of my bedroom window. Again, this is a second-story apartment we're talking about. He landed it perfectly, and the excitement of it all was very Jason Borne-esque. He most definitely did impress me.


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