Curtain Call

Submitted by Julia:

I met Brad at a casting call in college for a musical theater adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.  He seemed passionate, talented, and really into me, so we traded numbers and agreed to be in touch.

His idea for a first date was to break in to the theater after closing hours, which sounded risky and fun.  He played it up to make it sound as though we were doing something really daring.

When we met up for the date, I asked him how we were going to make it inside, as the doors were locked.  He pulled a key out of his pocket.  I asked him how he had a key to the theater, and he said that in addition to being an actor, he was a tech who worked backstage before and that the stage manager gave him a copy.  Brad was allowed to go in whenever he wanted.

So... slightly less daring than I had anticipated, but still, I kept an open mind for fun.  He opened the door and we slipped inside.

He closed the door behind us.  It was pitch black, with the exception of an occasional dim exit sign.

"Lights?" I asked him, just before I felt his hands on my chest and his mouth on mine.

I pushed him away and told him to back off a bit.  He came at me again, but I was able to dart away, keeping low, feeling out between rows of seats.

"Come on," he called after me, "It's just a bit of fun.  I promise I'll behave from here on out."

I shouted in a direction away from where he was, "Turn the lights on."


I was able to sneak my way back around to the entrance from where we came in.  I opened the door and busted out of there.  I thought I heard him yell, "Hey!" after me, but I was out the door and gone, gone, gone.

I ended up in the play and he ended up disappearing from the stage crew after that.


  1. Drama queens...

  2. What is it about theater people where they don't get social cues and never know when to stop? That guy is gonna end up in jail for rape and his defense will be that he was just trying to have "fun".

  3. Next time, Brad won't forget his night vision goggles.

    Congratulations on your daring near-rape experience. Good times.

  4. Guy is bold with his advances. Girl says no. Guy stops his physical advances but tries to convince her to change her mind --> everybody cries RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE.

    If guys were never bold with their advances nobody would ever have sex. It's demeaning to actual victims of rape when people say they were almost raped when they were in no danger of being raped.

  5. 12:04

    Your post sounded very rapie because of howmany times you said rape.

  6. 12:04 sounds like a rapist trying to justify his own actions. Note to men: chasing a girl around a dark theater won't result in any play from her. It can, however, lead to some intimate moments with your new cellmate.

  7. @ 12:13

    LMAO that is incredible

    Also the guy in this story is halirous .... the chick gets away from him ... she says he will calm down and stop the touching and when she telling him to turn the lights on he says "NO" lmao oh man thats is soooo fucking classic .....way to go bud .. way to go

  8. 12:21, you summed it up very neatly. This was nothing but an assault. If the girl in this story had managed to brain the guy with a piece of stage scenery or something after everything he did, no one would hold her responsible, and all the guy would have would be a Darwin award to etch on his gravestone.

  9. "If guys were never bold with their advances nobody would ever have sex."

    HAHAHAHA! Because women never make the first move or have sex drives of their own. We just wait for a guy to make an overt display of sexual interest and then lie back and think of England while he takes his pleasure.

  10. @ 12:04, would nobody really have sex if guys didn't initiate it? Nice stereotype, but not so much actually true. Also, how is being in an unoccupied building in the dark, being groped and pursued by a man "not in any danger of rape"? Geez, dude...

  11. Stop picking on 12:04, everyone. It's probably just his personal experience that HE would never have had sex unless he was "bold in his advances", because of, you know, his smell or something I guess. Change those socks, 12:04! and maybe you'll find out just how nice us girls can be...

  12. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but if the author was my little sister, "Brad" would be in deep shit. I'd personally kick his ass into next Tuesday.

    It's bullshit to play games like this on the first date, how much more ominous that he put her in a situation where she was basically defenseless. She did the right thing, except for not calling the cops afterward to see if he had priors.

  13. Agreed. If someone did that to any gal in my family, there would be some serious consequences. Jail would be his least concern. That was a pretty obvious attempt at sexual assult not a "bold advance". Give me a break. I've never had to chase anyone around a dark theater on order to get laid. That's the sign of someone who can't get laid in any normal situation.

  14. "We just ... lie back ... while he takes his pleasure."

    Does this not sound hot to anyone else here? This got me all hot and tingly.

  15. Wow, 9:38, you just won the award for the creepiest comment ever. Please stick with masturbation and don't interact with any other people.

  16. Sounds like he had a bad case of the rapes.

  17. Attempted sexual assault? He's the only person who said "no" in that whole story, and everyone knows unless she says no it wasn't a sex crime. Oh, and if she's mute, she can't say no, so she can't be raped it's impossible.

  18. Who the hell goes on a date to break in a theater after hours? Maybe that should have been her first clue that this guy was up to no good.
    Maybe next date she should go break in abandon houses and see what happens.
    Give me a break...

  19. Whoa, come on now. I mean some people just have different ideas on how to be bold.

    Some people go for the kiss early.

    Some people lock you in the dark until you love them.

  20. And you thought going into a dark space with a guy you don't know is fine. Listening to women talk about putting themselves in bad situations make me ashamed of being a female.


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