Come Back, You Forgot Something!

Submitted by Arianna:

Jeremy is one of the three guys I've ever met online who impressed me enough for me to meet offline.  My date with him was short and awful.  He wanted me to meet him at his house, which I did.

When I knocked on his front door, his garage door opened, some metal music started playing faintly from somewhere, and out he came, on a motorcycle, all in black.  He drove it out to the street, blasted the motor, punched into the air, and sailed down the road.

He didn't return.  I tried calling him, but all I got was a text message from him that said, "WOOOOOO!"

I decided to leave, since I wasn't too impressed.  He called a couple of hours later to ask me where I was, as if I should have been waiting on his front porch the whole time for his badass self to come back.  I didn't bother answering.  Waste of an afternoon.


  1. That's one of the funniest "date" I read on this site so far! LMAO!

    Vrooom! WOOOHOHOHOOOO! (tires screeching)

  2. Too bad you turned down a date with a comedy genius.

  3. Ahahahahahahahaha!! I don't even care if this is fake or real. This is brilliant. I don't even think I could be mad about a date like this if it happened to me.

  4. That's kind of awesome in about 10 ways.

    One less way 'cause you were obviously used as a punchline in his own private comedy sketch, but yeah, that's Andy Kaufman levels of genius.


    Gold, Comedy Gold!

  6. You most obviously did not impress him.

    Are you:

    a.) fat
    b.) ugly
    c.) too sexy for your shirt
    d.) a and b

    the answer is... d.

  7. You should have waited - that guy is a king amongst men.

  8. Ya I agree. I'm not gay, but even I want to date this dude.

  9. AHAHAHAHAHA omg this is epic!!!!

    this guy is a genius!

  10. One of those times I wish we could get the other side of the story. I mean, seriously, what was he thinking? Was he thinking 'I'll be so cool, I'll be like the fonze and go off on my bike, all mysterious, and she'll love it!' or was he just like, 'durp de durp durp'?

  11. I'm with N on this one. He had to be really immature to think that ditching a date for hours (even if it was in an 'awesome' way...) was cool/what attracts women. More so for first date impressions.

  12. you folks all have it wrong. obviously the OP was early for the date and when he heard the knock at the door he assumed it was the people from the WWE there for his audition. you know, the grand entrance, the motorcycle, the music, the crowds. oh wait, there was no crowd.

    i guess his name would have been THE FONZINATOR!

    maybe you could get free tickets?

  13. This rules.

  14. 12:56 nailed it. hahahahahahaha, he left the house running to avoid this one.

  15. you should have gone inside and jacked his stuff.


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