There's Something About that Bartender

Submitted by Dave:

Kristen and I hit up a bar for our first date.  I preferred it that way, as you're kind of locked in to a dinner, and if there's no chemistry early on, then at a bar, you can end it with no fuss.

Kristen really hit if off... with the bartender.  I was planning to pay for some of her drinks, but he gave her each of hers for free.  She'd smile at him, and he winked at her.  Her words made it seem like she was interested in me, but her actions were all over this guy.  At one point, he handed her a drink, and she touched his hand to thank him. 

Finally, I joked, "Want me to leave you two alone?"

She said, "That probably wouldn't be a good idea."

This was interesting.  "Why not?"

"Because he's an ex.  But we still fool around sometimes."


She went on, "And I'm sorry, but he's kind of got me going, so if you left me alone with him, then I'd probably sleep with him, and I'm trying to get over him."

I suggested, "Should we go somewhere else?"

She said, "No.  I like being the popular girl."  She smiled, but I stopped being interested in her at that point.  Luckily, we weren't out to dinner, so I was able to finish my drink, say goodnight, and abandon her to a night of screaming sex with this bartender guy.


  1. And once again the entitlement virus crops up.

    She said, "No. I like being the popular girl."

    The crazy isn't feeling this way. It's expecting it to be ok with other people. Yikes. Glad you got out of there.

  2. Yeah you dodged a sneaky bullet with that one... would have been wasting your time. And the bartender was only doing it because you were there. Did she pick the bar or did you..?

  3. So she knew this guy got her horny, and took you to a date at his workplace?

    She sucks.

  4. She was lying about trying to get over him. Clearly she was trying to make him jealous to get him back.

  5. All of the above are highly accurate. Consider yourself lucky to have avoided this shallow "princess" type.


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