Singing in the Pain

Submitted by Joseph:

My date with Rachel went from zero to weird in a hurry.  Whenever she'd say my name, she'd sing-song it.

"Jo-seph," she croon in a high-pitched voice that reminded me of how my older sister would say my name if she wanted to annoy me.  After three or four times, I asked her why she was doing this.

"J-J-J-Jo-seph!" she said, "It's from the Broadway show.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!"

"Never seen it," I told her.

She looked shocked.  "You have to see it.  Were we going to be doing anything after dinner?"

"Dessert.  Maybe a walk."

"Okay.  If dinner goes well, we're coming back to my place and we're going to watch Joseph."

"You own the Broadway show?"

"Yeah!  Well, the one with me in it from high school.  I played one of Joseph's brothers!  JO-SEPH!"

Ugh.  No thanks.  Despite the possibility that I'd be able to tap it back at her place, I had a feeling that if I put the moves on her, she'd push me away and say, "You're not watching the show, J-J-J-Joseph!"

At dinner, I learned all about her musical theater career (two musicals in high school.  The other one was Oklahoma) and how tight she and her musical theater buddies were, even now, TEN YEARS after high school.  She told me that they were thinking about doing a reunion show of Joseph.  And all of the backstage intrigues and inside jokes!  My!

At this point, I didn't even want to tap it.  I just wanted it to be over.  I called it an early night after dinner and she made me promise that for our next date, I'd go over to her house and watch her musicals.  I promised her that on a second date, we would do just that.

Of course, there never was a second date, and by the way, I had acted in four musicals in high school, but we never got to that.


  1. there is something wrong with you, guy

  2. Nah, musical theatre girls are weird. Easy, usually, but sometimes, just to weird to bone.

    ...of course, musical theatre guys are gay. ;D

  3. I really have to pity people who believe that high school was the best time of their life. It doesn't matter if she was a theatre girl or the head cheerleader - It sounds like her current life is unfulfilling and she was never able to move past her teen years.

  4. She comes across as a nice girl to me though you clearly did not like her. I don't however see anything inappropriate in what she said to make this a bad date.

  5. You don't see anything awkward about re-living your high school years ten years after the fact and insisting on showing the musical theatre numbers you did to your dates, 8:24? Good for you, I guess.

  6. 1:50, No, I don't. I mean I think it is a legitimate topic of conversation for a date. I don't reminisce about high school all that often but do so on occasion and if the conversation happens to go that way, I do not quite see anything wrong with it.

  7. 3:08, I would personally find it annoying and having experience of a girlfriend showing her highschool production tapes I can tell you it's boring as hell. It might be good for parents or people who had actually been in it but to an outsider it's just tedious.

  8. But the conversation didn't happen to go that way. She took it there, and she kept it there. Maybe that genuinely wouldn't be awkward for you, but for most people, the idea of listening to someone describe decade-old backstage intrigues and inside jokes from a high school musical theatre production would be a less than ideal date. I'm not saying you can't bring that up, but according to the original poster, she not only brought it up, she didn't want to talk about anything else.


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