On My Way

Submitted by Joanne:

Scott came up as a local match for me on a dating website, and we talked for a few weeks before deciding to plan a date at a local tea/coffee place.

I arrived there a few minutes early.  He called me to ask the place's address.  It was strange because he had already asked me where the place was over e-mail.

I waited and he called again ten minutes later to tell me that he was at the address, but there was just a house there on a residential street.  No sign of a coffee shop.  I asked him to make sure that he was at the right address, and he said that he was.  Athens, West Virginia.  That's fine.  Only I was in Athens, Ohio, about three and a half hours away.

I thought it was hysterical, but he didn't.  He asked me to wait there for him to drive up.  I told him that I wouldn't be doing that and that we could reschedule.  He asked me why I wouldn't wait, and I told him, for one, that the shop would be closed by the time he made it.  He asked me why I couldn't wait in the parking lot.

I told him that something about waiting until midnight for a guy in a parking lot was somehow unappealing.  He then said that he had driven a long way and wanted something to show for it.  I told him to buy a souvenir keychain.  He hung up, first telling me that he was going to come by the coffee place, closed or not, when he made it back to the right Athens.

I figured he was just a loon and wrote him off.  At one in the morning, though, I received a phone call from him, but opted not to take it.  He called about ten more times, and I declined the call each time.


  1. Yeah, that was unbelievably clever, 9:33...

  2. Wow, what a desperate psycho. Thank God you live three hours away from him. I guess next time your online dating service gives you a "local" match-up, make sure you are both in the same state at least. ;)

  3. why didn't you just reschedule for another time?

  4. She offered to reschedule, 11:40. Apparently, that was not an acceptable option for this guy.

  5. Dodged a bullet OP, I agree with the spirit of 9:33s answer but not the wording.

  6. I agree with the wording.

  7. I wonder.... if you were in Athens, Greece would he tell you to wait in the parking lot while he hurriedly drove to the nearest airport and bought plane tickets? After all, he wanted something to show for it.


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