The Most Ridiculous Game

Submitted by Amanda:

John was a middle school coach who showed up to our date at the restaurant looking as if he had just rolled out of bed.  Our first conversation went something like this:

I said, "Hi John.  Nice to meet you."

He said, "Hi Amanda.  Do you like games?"


"Like 'Truth or Dare'?"


"'Cause I like games like 'Truth or Dare.'"


"So do you like games?"


"You know, like 'Truth or Dare'?"

"Can we order first?"

We looked over the menus and he looked up at me to say, "You know, we can play right here.  Like a fun way of getting to know each other better."

"What about just having a conversation?"

"I like games," he repeated.

"Got it."

"Like 'Truth or Dare.'"

"How old are you?"

He blinked.  "28."

"How old are you really?"


I couldn't think of anything else to say.   But he thought of something.

"I dare you to go lick that counter over there."

"How does me doing something like that help you get to know me better?"

"It does."

"How?  Plus, I never agreed to a dare."

"Fine.  Then you pick truth."

"I never agreed to play!"

"Then ask me one.  I'll start off."

"Truth or dare."


"I dare you to have a normal conversation and dinner with me."

Check and mate.  He thought about it for a second and nodded.  The rest of dinner went, astonishingly, quite well.  Mostly because the food was good.  I wanted nothing more to do with this guy, ever.


  1. Clever. You probably can't hear it, but I'm applauding.

  2. Hopefully he found someone fun to date next, instead of you.

  3. what a total perv!

  4. I'm applauding with Kwame

  5. I'm with 2:26, what a killjoy. That is a very good way to break the ice and have a decent conversation. "The rest of the date went well, mainly because the food was good?" Truth or Dare, Truth? He paid for the meal, didn't he?

  6. If I had a rock, I would knock your arrogant ass out with it. Jesus knows you need it, so it would be no sin.


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