Don't Tangle with the Lizard Bitch

Submitted by Erika:

While working as a receptionist at a car dealership I was asked out on a date by a much older customer who was having his truck worked on in the service department.  I politely turned him down, stating that I didn't date customers because of a bad experience prior (that wasn't true, I just didn't want to go out with him).

He called the dealership and asked me out every day for a week straight and I politely turned him down each time.  The next week he hand-delivered me a single red rose and a box of chocolates with a note asking me out again.

Several of my co-workers saw this and told me that I should give him a chance since he had been so persistent and sweet.  He called later that day and I agreed to go out with him that weekend.  He said he would pick me up at my apartment and we would go out for "dinner and a movie."

He arrived on time and brought me another rose.  So far, so good!  He asked if I knew of a Chinese place that was close by and I did so I gave him directions.

We got to the restaurant and the hostess greeted us, asking how many were in our party.  I quickly replied, "Two, thank you."

He cut in with, "Wait, we want it to go."

I was totally in shock, but, hey, whatever.  He told me to pick out two of my favorite items and while we waited for the food we went next door to rent a movie.  He may have said "dinner and a movie," but what he meant was "take-out and a rental."

Against my better judgment, we went to his apartment, which to my horror was a studio in the basement of a large building.  The only furniture was a bed, a nightstand, a single wooden chair, and a TV.

After spooning out food for me onto a paper plate he threw himself onto the bed.  I took the wooden chair and asked him if he was having any. 

"No, I don't like anything you picked out.  But I'll just order a pizza later.  Hey, is it hot in here?"  He then removed his shirt and sprawled himself out across the bed in a pose that I am sure was an attempt to be sexy.

Suddenly no longer hungry, I set down my plate and informed him that it was not hot as it was January and I could see my breath in his apartment.

"Well, if you're cold, why don't you come sit next to me and I'll warm you up?"  Then he rubbed and patted a spot next to him on the bed.

Resisting the urge to barf up the few bites of dinner I had taken, I asked him to take me home.  He pleaded with me to stay and watch the movie next to him, but I kept insisting he take me home.  He finally agreed.  The half hour drive back to my apartment was filled with him begging for a kiss goodnight and me refusing.

The next day, he called me at work and asked me out for a second date.  I politely refused, this time citing the fact that I didn't think we had anything in common.  He begged and begged for me to give him a second chance telling me that I would feel differently if I hadn't wanted to leave early and if I wasn't "such an ice-blooded lizard bitch."

I promptly hung up on him.  Thereafter, every time he called the dealership for service on his truck, he always asked, "Is this the lizard bitch?"  If I ever happened to be the one answering the line, I'd respond, "Yep," and immediately transfer him.


  1. Is it strange that after reading all of the stories here, I now have the impression that going back to the guy's place on a first date is the norm for women?

  2. And here I was thinkin that the dating world wasn't so bad and that everyone desrves a chance, guess it is that bad and some people shouldn't even be allowed to talk to the opposite sex. Glad you didn't get raped in his studio in the basement of a large building.

  3. @Anon 1:53 - No, I get that impression too, but I know its a silly thing to do.

    I just love how he believed that a rental and takeaway food, on his bed, is a good way to impress someone on a first date...just...wow.

  4. Asking someone out every day for a week isn't persistent and sweet. That's being a stalker. Then you went to his apartment "against your better judgement" when you could have persistently told him you'd rather eat at the restaurant. Then you allow yourself to be mocked by this customer and get name-called. If you had any dignity he'd be taking his business elsewhere unless his idiocy stopped.

    Maybe you were raped and you just changed the end of the story so you could post it.

  5. With the exception of its last sentence, I agree with Anon 8:31. You should have continued telling him no, since you didn't want to go out with him, and when he persisted--yes, "stalked"--you, you should have gone to your manager and told him/her what was going on. The manager could then have spoken with this pathetic loser and told him that harrassing employees was not allowed, and if it continued, they would refuse service on his vehicle. If the manager didn't try to protect you from this guy, especially after the verbal abuse he heaped on you every time he called, then you could have gone to HR and filed a complaint.

    Stand up for yourself!! You don't deserve this crap from a guy who thinks the way to a younger woman's heart is through take-out Chinese food and gross displays of "sexiness" in his crappy apartment.

  6. If there is one thing that becomes abundantly clear from reading these stories, is that human beings are desperately idiotic animals.

    And yes, Anon@1:53AM: amazing how many women actually go home with these creeps, then turn around and write about how creepy they are...

  7. I'd have gone home with him too, just to be able to post the story on ABCOTD. Good form.

  8. By finally agreeing to the date and going home with him, you sent him the message that stalking a girl is a legitimate and effective method to get her most of the way into bed.

  9. Stop and look at it from her point of view, you guys don't know her! There are sooooo many men out there that seem totally harmless and turn out to be the worlds biggest jerks!! Yes maybe she didn't use her best judgment on accepting the date, but seriously we ALL have made that mistake and IF there is someone that disagrees than congrats you have had nothing but good luck in this messed up dating world!!!

  10. Man, 12:55...chill the hell out. Are you new? Do you not know that half the fun of this site is just being maliciously mean to the OP or the bad date?



  11. Elizabeth R.1/12/2010 6:26 PM

    Well, at least when you say you don't date customers because you had a bad experience once, it will be true!

  12. @ Nikki 9:20

    "The manager could then have spoken with this pathetic loser and told him that harrassing employees was not allowed, and if it continued, they would refuse service on his vehicle."

    In todays climate, it is easier to let an employee quit than lose a customer. The way businesses work they would find a reason to fire her or make life miserable so she quits rather than lose a customer. sad but true, imho.

  13. You encourage poor behavior and expect good behavior. This seems more cause-and-effect than bad date-ish.

    It's like giving homeless people money when they start getting threatening.


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