A Bad Apple for the Teacher

Submitted by Ryan:

Alice and I met early last year, probably through the Internet.  When we met for our date at a restaurant, she had a backpack with her.

"Going on a trip?" I asked.

She shook her head.  "No.  I have homework to do."

Turns out, she was in grad school for teaching and had papers and lesson plans to write.  That night.  During our date.

"It won't take too long," she reassured me, "so it seemed silly to cancel.  Give me five minutes... ten minutes, to be safe."

After she had been scrunching down on her work for about a half-hour, I asked her, "Hey, can we just postpone?  This is stupid."

She looked up and said, "Can you give me a fucking break?  The longer we sit here and chat, the longer this is going to take me."

I said, "A good teacher should know how to prioritize."

She said, "Fuck you," gathered up her things, and left.  I hope that no child of mine is ever in any of her classes.


  1. Alright, I guess I'll be the one to say it. Probably through the internet? I can understand you not remembering the details, but that is an just odd sentence.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Anonymous poster above me.

  3. When did "multitasking" on dates become the new, "acceptable" thing? Man, I haven't been out of the dating game that long, but "back in the day" (three years ago, at least), you'd focus on the person you were with. And if you didn't want to be with them, you'd have your girl friend call and pretend to be your sick grandmother so you could get outta there. Kids these days...

  4. I give this story at D-

  5. @8:22
    No problem, buddy!

  6. "A good teacher should know how to prioritize"?

    Exactly - Fuck you. Teaching is a difficult profession that encompasses your entire life. While she wasn't the most graceful at handling it during your date, but her students come before you. You'd be lucky to have a child with a teacher who is so dedicated to her class. Screw you for thinking that she can just brush it aside.

  7. Exactly. I'm all for having dedicated teachers in the schools, but she should NOT have made a date for a night when she knew that she had a lot of papers to grade and homework to do. If she really wanted to be on the date with him, she either would have finished her work first, or scheduled it for a time when she felt confident that she could take a break, genuinely connect with another human being, and then return to her work later.

    1:41, chill out.

  8. I'm with 1:41 - Yes the date handled it badly. She probably should have cancelled if she had so much work to finish. But the poster crossed the line by mocking her career and calling her a bad teacher. I don't blame the girl for cursing him out and storming off, I probably would have done the same if anyone let that kind of comment slip around me.

  9. the idea is, is that the OP knew the date was going nowhere before he made the comment. He was already annoyed and probably said what he said to basically end the date right there.

    What he said was probablyuncalled for, but funny and it got the job done.

  10. easy fix to this date. if she had papers to grade and lesson plans to write, she could have wrote the lesson plans while you graded the homework for her. you would both be done in no time!

    It can't be that hard to write an assortment of A's, B's, C's, and D's on the papers.

    Although I wouldn't have failed any of the papers, you might not be qualified to actually do that.

  11. The thing is, teaching isn't a difficult profession... It's probably difficult for the numbskulls that do it, but when compared to other jobs that require an education, it's pretty low on the difficulty scale.
    Besides, she was in school. Her lesson plan was probably for a class, not for students.

  12. @4:23: Ever taught? Probably one of the hardest professions.

    Eh... I can understand her behaviour, especially considering that she was in grad school on top of it. Paperwork is an absolute nightmare in education. She still should have probably postponed, though.

  13. @11:19.. Yes, I used to teach anatomy and physiology. There was one summer I worked in a sandwich shop. I put them both at about the same level of difficulty. Now I'm an engineer. I date a teacher, and he complains about his job a lot. There are times I wish I could trade with him, but I don't care for children, so I don't think it would work out.

  14. @3:56
    Maybe you're just not that great of a teacher? I didn't teach children, I taught adults. It's really not hard... You give them facts, find ways for them to remember it, and be available to answer questions and explain how things work in different ways.

    Funny how people will find any excuse to make themselves feel important.

  15. lol @ 10:13

    "Funny how people will find any excuse to make themselves feel important."

    what the hell is that supposed to mean?


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