Two Diners Passing in the Night

Submitted by Shira:

I was waiting for my date, Don, at a restaurant when he called to tell me that he'd be late. I asked him how late, and he just answered, "Late."

My limit on lateness (especially when unspecified) is about 20 minutes. I waited at least that for Don without hearing from him, and even decided to wait for ten extra minutes. I called his phone. No answer.

I was on my way home when he called, as I kind of had a feeling he would. He asked where I was and I told him that I had left, since I had no idea how late he was going to be. He became really upset and asked me to turn around.

I returned to the restaurant and surprise, surprise, no Don. I called him and there was no answer. I waited five minutes and he called. He said, "Hey, I changed my mind about that place. I'm at another place now. Meet me there?"

We were close to an hour over when our date was supposed to have begun. I told him that I liked the first restaurant and that if he wanted to meet me, he could come back there.

He threw a ridiculous temper tantrum over the phone and I hung up on him. He called me back a few times and I kept hanging up on him until he stopped.


  1. oh man do i hate lateness.

  2. Double standard! If a guy is late he's an ass, but if a girl is late they have to have either a shotgun wedding or an abortion.

  3. hahahaha awsome :D


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