Romantic Comedy

Submitted by Jacob:

Annie picked out a movie for our first date.  She said over the phone that we were going to see some romantic comedy that I don't even remember the name of. 

I asked her if it was set in stone, because I'm not into romantic comedies.  Maybe we could pick something out together and compromise? 

She said that there was nothing else in theaters that she wanted to see, so it was that or nothing.  Then I asked her if we could possibly do something else, something we'd both like.

She hung up on me.  I tried calling her back, but she kept hanging up.  Oh well.


  1. Must've been your first time ever dealing with a girl. You'll learn...

  2. Everyone is getting ready to say this, but I'll say it anyway. That wasn't technically a date. What's the point of seeing a movie on a first date anyway!?

  3. WOuld you like some cheese with that whine?

  4. I can understand not wanting to pay up to $10 to see a movie you really have no interest in seeing, but maybe you could have given in on the movie and chosen where to have dinner instead? At least you tried to compromise...

  5. Anon @ 3:59 said it all.

  6. OP what these people are saying are total BS, I'm a woman and I would NEVER make my date go see a movie he had no interest in seeing and then hang up on him and keep hanging up on him when I didn't get my way, you were lucky to find out about her now rather than later. What a crazy psycho!!!

    Real women do not act like that!!!

  7. I might be crazy but I always ask my dates what they like to do, if they leave choosing a movie up to me, I want to at least know I'm picking something we'll have a mutual interest in seeing.

  8. You don't happen to live in Texas, do you? That sounds EXACTLY like something my ex would do. Oddly enough, her name was "Annie" as well.

  9. Anon 3:59:

    Could you be more precise than "You'll learn"? What is it he did wrong?

  10. if something so simple as taste in movies is so far off, why invest time and emotions in something so important as a relationship?
    7:09, his uncompromising attitude signals domination issues. learn to give a little, or you won't be getting any.

  11. Anon 5:33: "his uncompromising attitude signals domination issues."

    OP: "Maybe we could pick something out together and compromise?"

    "Then I asked her if we could possibly do something else, something we'd both like.

    She hung up on me."

  12. Anon 3:59 and Anon 5:33 - You're both wrong.. i didn't read all the comments but i did read both of yours..

    No not all girls are like this, not by a long shot.. Coming from a girl myself, I nor would anyone i know hangup on something so pathetic.. He's paying most likely, not only for the tickets but he'd most likely would of asked her is she wanted popcorn, soda, candy, etc and the fatass would of said yes.. The food at the movies would of cost more then the tickets most likely, she obviously didn't like him if she would hangup and not speak to him over something so small.. She probably just really wanted to see the movie and new she wouldn't have to deal with to much talking cause it's at a movie theater..

    No offence, maybe you'd be desperete enough to go threw with it and waste your money but girls are a dime a dozen and some just dont deserve didally sqat!


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