Killing One Date with Two Stones

Submitted by Dorian:

Dana told me right when our date began that she wasn't yet over Jacob, her ex-boyfriend.  I suggested postponing the date, but she seemed really into it.  She suggested a good place, and off we went.

After we were seated, she kept looking towards the doorway, as if expecting someone.  I asked her if everything was all right, and she said that it was.

It wasn't really.  A guy walked in and she visibly stiffened.  They made eye contact and he walked up to our table.  He asked her what she wanted and why she had asked him to meet her there, in the restaurant.

She introduced him as Brad, Jacob's older brother.  She asked Brad all sorts of questions about how Jacob was doing and what he was up to.  Brad patiently answered all of her questions, both of them seeming to forget that I was there.

Finally, I piped up, "So Dana, you asked me to this restaurant but arranged for Brad here to meet us so you could find out information about Jacob?"

She rolled her eyes and said that I was making it sound too dramatic.  I repeated myself again for clarification, and she conceded that I was correct.

Once this was confirmed, I stood up, put my napkin on the table, gestured for Brad to sit, said, "You can talk more comfortably this way," and left.


  1. good for you! That was really rude of her.

    Manners seem to be few and far between these days.

  2. I would have been gone as soon as Brad was introduced.

  3. I would've been gone as soon as she mentioned she wasn't over her ex. That is all the warning a guy could ever want or need.

  4. I would have gone all the way with her and Brad, taped in, and then sold it to the internet.

  5. Dorian, you are my new hero.



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