Galaga Makes Everything Better

Submitted by Nick:
I met Michelle online and we agreed to meet up at a local restaurant of her choosing.  She picked a greasy burger joint so I immediately liked her and was really looking forward to our date.
She showed up, we exchanged pleasantries, and went inside of the small burger joint for dinner.  While waiting in line to place our order she struck up a conversation with the guy working the register.
The friendly banter quickly turned to flirting and I kid you not included such lines as "I like your beard, it's really cute," and "Oh, will you be making my burger personally?"  I decided to roll with the situation and try to salvage the date so I joined in on the banter and made a few jokes that were pretty well-received.
After placing our order, we headed upstairs to the small dining area and claimed a table in the corner by the window.  Michelle said, "I hope that guy didn't think I was flirting with him."
I responded, "Yeah, I'm not sure about that one."
She then told me that she got asked out on lots of dates via this online dating site and would go out with guys sometimes because she just wanted a free meal.  This date was turning south in a hurry and as I had already paid for our meals I couldn't help but feel like I was being used.
Determined to press onward, I continued to make conversation, asking about her job and the like while we waited for our food.  Up the stairs came our food and who should bring it but Mr. Cash Register and we began a second onslaught of flirting.  Again, I felt like a complete third wheel.  It seemed like they were the ones actually on a date that I was interrupting.  I joined in on the banter again but this time, I was completely ignored.
Finally he went downstairs, but halfway through our meal came, you guessed it, Mr. Cash Register.  He slowly cleaned each table and emptied all of the trash cans, all the while flirting with Michelle.
We had both finished our burgers, fries, and drinks by the time he finally left us and I had gotten in all of ten sentences.  The date was beyond over as far as I was concerned and I suggested that we leave.  
As we headed out, she noticed the Galaga arcade game in the corner.  She suggested that we play and I said, "Are you sure?  That could take a while," as I love that game and could play it for hours.
She said, "Sure, you afraid I'll beat you?"  Oh no she didn't.  It was on now.  So long Mr. Nice Guy.
Two quarters and 15 minutes later, her game was over and I was just getting warmed up.  After level 18 I told her that we could just go and there was no need to finish the game so we headed outside, said our goodbyes and parted ways, never to speak again.
A horrible date but I do love kicking some Galaga ass.


  1. How rude of her!

  2. heh - If she lands Mr. Cash Register she can stop trolling the dating sites and just eat that poor schmo out of a job.

    She needs to come up off some hj action for that buger next time.

  3. So let me get this straight.

    1. You took her to a burger joint

    2. You played video games with your date

    3. You actually showed her up on who's the best in the game

    If you can't be the better guy, just leave. I understand that she was probably interested in Mr.Cash Register, but you either fight for it or leave it. Don't do that half assed thing of just trying to be a sport when you really aren't. You could've said to them "hey! guess what! I am on a date with YOU! Mr. Cash Register, if you want a date with me, sorry.. I think I am already on my way to be taken by this young beautiful lady.. and I definitely want to know more about her.. so Mr.Cash Register..could you please bring another large fries and not disturb us?" At this point she'll probably get the idea but, if she interrupts, you can leave her to play dough with Mr Cash Register cuz it would not be worth it.

    And, I am pretty sure that she was knobbing Mr Cash Register half the time you were taking your turn.

  4. @ Anon 12:24: Did you miss the part where *she* suggested the burger joint and *she* suggested the video game?

    Must agree on knobbing Mr. CR, tho.

  5. Seriously, Anon 12:24, did we read the same date? If he'd gone off on that ill-advised rant, he might have become the bad guy. And no-one should have to make a scene just to be talked to by their date. She'd already shown she wasn't worth any effort at all before the video game was even in the picture.

  6. 12:29, SHE was the one who acted like an ass here, not HIM. It was her idea to go to the burger joint. She pointed out the game and suggested they play. Frankly, she sounds like a huge whore and the OP should thank his lucky stars that it didn't work out because herpes is forever.

  7. Nobody should have to fight for their date's attention. She showed a complete lack of class. Not his fault.

  8. +1 for Anon 1:21

    No self-respecting man would have continued beyond the burger joint with this girl and some may have walked after she exclaimed "... free meal." Yet the lucky OP stayed for the beating because most men rationalize even when their gut feeling tells them something is glaringly wrong.

    This girl lacks class, integrity, and respect for her date.

    Suffice to say this girl through words and actions told this guy it wasn't going anywhere but he continued with her beyond the burger joint. I don't think this girl was ignorant.

    Who says to a date they met online that they sometimes go out for the free meal from guys she met online?? Not because she was trying to make him feel good or to escalate her attractiveness. Let's not go into the 3 rounds of flirting with the cashier.

    I wish guys actually understood that the term "nice guy" is a euphemism for WEAK and is a slight not a complement.

    I believe the OP was looking to describe his actions as that of a gentleman but fails to truly understand a gentleMAN is not synonymous with the emasculated "nice(weak) guy".

    A gentleman would not have confronted her actions, if so maybe indirectly. What is the point though as the girls character was crap and no reason to waste effort on telling her so because you will never see her again.

  9. For some reason I have a feeling I know this burger joint. The galaga gave it away. Sucks dude, at least the burgers were good.

  10. I'd like to believe that you ARE aware that while you were playing your Galaga game, she was probably flirting like crazy with Mr Cash Register. I'm pretty sure that Galaga challenge was just an excuse she came up with to stay in that place a little longer so she could at least get Mr CR's number.

  11. galaga and burgers, sounds like it wouldnt have been to bad if the girl wasn't so annoying

  12. ^ Beard ALWAYS wins. Always.

  13. Actually she had to sit there and watch me play Galaga the entire time because Mr. Cash Register's shift was over and taking out the trash was his final farewell. I guess we both took out some trash that night.



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