Don't Dish if You Can't Take

Submitted by Justin:

From the get-go, Beth teased me on our date.  She'd point at my shirt and say, "Hello 1980s," or say, "Nerd alert," when I told her that I was an engineer.

In short, she seemed like a lot of fun.  I rolled with it, and finally joined in with my own ribbing.  At one point, I told her that I almost failed math in seventh grade.  She hit back with, "My 10-year-old cousin's doing math at a seventh grade level.  I'm on a date with a guy who's dumber than my little cousin."

I said, "At least you're not sitting across from someone who can't even spell 'math.'"

She gasped and opened her eyes wide.  I thought she was still kidding around and I said, "Yeah.  That's right.  What?"

She started crying, right there in the restaurant.  I said, over and over, "Are you joking around?  Are you serious?"

After I had repeated this a few times, she shouted, "Yes, I'm serious!  You didn't have to say that!  Why did you have to say that?  Why?"

I reached across the table to comfort her, but she said, "Get away from me!"

It was such an overreaction that I had to ask her one more time, "Are you being serious, here?"

"Yes!" she screamed.

I wanted to leave instantly, but felt a certain sense of responsibility, so I stayed with her until dinner was over.  She let me hug her goodnight, and then we parted ways.


  1. some people just don't spel good.

  2. She prolly cried at what a ridiculously bad joke it was

  3. Yeah, that joke didn't make sense. She didn't spell "math" at some point on your date did she? But her reaction was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top, I mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top, holy lady, settle down before, OMG, I'm starting to cry about it right now!!!! WHY did you say that?? WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY?
    (yes I am joking, and yeah, it's probably a bad/lame joke, I get that).

  4. she didn't spell math? whaaaaaaaaaaaattttt? were you on a date via internet chat?

    can you imagine if that was the case ahahahahaaa..nerds

  5. He was joking about how if she had attempted to spell math she wouldn't be able to...Calling her dumb.


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