Birthday Girl

Submitted by Kathleen:

Early on in my date with Paul, he asked me when my birthday was. I told him: March 1st.

A little less than an hour later, somehow or other we made it onto the topic of my birthday again. He asked me when it was, and I again told him: March 1st. He said that March 1st isn't what I said the first time. It was, but he gave me a funny look and got a lot quieter.

After dinner, he said that he wanted to take me to a jazz ensemble in which his friend performed. On our way there, he asked me again when my birthday was. "It's March 1st!" I repeated.

He shook his head and said that I wasn't being straight with him. I told him that my birthday really was March 1st.

He just seemed to stop being interested for the rest of the date, which made the rest of the date extremely long and uncomfortable.


  1. Ahahahahahahhaha! Good God, what a nutjob!

    "I pulled your birth certificate, Kathleen. You were born at midnight on February 29th. I don't date leap-year babies. GOOD BYE."

  2. Agreed. He seems like a complete nutter.

  3. LOL, astrology...seperating gullible people from their money and sanity and now from potential relationships, too! I once knew a woman who got passed over for a promotion due to her love of astrology because her boss reasoned (sensibly) that anyone dumb enough to fall for that wouldn't make a good manager.

  4. I would have started messing with him. After the third time he asked and accused you of telling him the wrong date you should have immediately said "I just said, it's April 4th. You must not be listening." Him going haywire could have at least entertained (or hopefully ended) the rest of your date!

  5. I don't know, AC. While I'm generally for fuckin' with crazy people, there's something about this date that makes me think he'd be the kind of crazy person who'd snap and cover the walls with "MARCH FIRST" written in the girl's blood. Best to just walk away (facing him) from a date like that...

  6. Creighton Duke12/17/2009 12:55 PM

    This guy wasn't crazy at all, everyone who has responded is lame. He obviously thought this girl sucked at life and thought of an amusing, albeit lame, excuse for him to not like her. HE asked a stupid question, lied about her chaning her answer, and used it as his excuse to not like the girl. The girl is in the wrong here for sucking in the 1st place.

  7. ^ I agree. You're probably just fat.

  8. Creighton Duke12/18/2009 11:28 AM

    5:51, everyone wishes you mom had had an abortion.

  9. He could have had OCD or brain damage. I've had both of these.

  10. He could have had OCD or brain damage. I've had both of these.

  11. He could have had OCD or brain damage. I've had both of these.

  12. BTW when's your birthday?

    He could have had OCD or brain damage. I've had both of these.


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