Success Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Submitted by Tina:

Paul and I were on a date, sitting at a cafe on a beautiful night.  He ran a small consulting business and was very obviously proud of it.  He talked quite a bit about his success and didn't seem all that interested in me.

At one point, he asked me what I did, and I reminded him (for the third time) that I was a teacher.

"Oh yeah?" he asked, "How does it pay?"

I said, "Well enough for me to support myself."

He said, "But not all that well.  I mean, you're still out looking for a guy and his support."

This was seriously offensive, but I was up to the task.  I said, "Your money obviously isn't enough to buy you love.  You're still out dating, too."

In response, he pulled out his wallet, took out a small stack of $100 bills, and fanned them right in my face.  He chuckled and put them back into his wallet.  He said, "I guarantee that you like me just a little bit more, now."

"The opposite, actually.  I think that I'm going to head home."

I stood up and so did he, suddenly aware that he wasn't in control anymore.  He said, "Sit back down."

I said, "No.  I think I'm done here."

He smiled and said, "How are you going to get home?  I drove us here."

I smiled back and replied, "I'm successful enough to have friends who'll come and pick me up, and I'm also successful enough for a taxi.  I don't really need you for anything."

He had nothing to say to that.


  1. I don't know what you look like, but this story makes you very hot.

  2. I'm sure at that point it would not have helped if he waved his tiny penis in front of you either.

    Well played!

  3. Very well played indeed!

    Seemed like he was in need of a jolt back to reality.

  4. I can't believe controlling jackasses like this still exist. At least he's still single meaning his act hasn't worked.

  5. Monkies are cool

  6. lol I like how he assumes looking for a guy = looking for someone to provide financial support. Sounds almost like he's looking for gold diggers.

  7. He is going to be alone for a long, long time...

  8. Sounds a lot like my ex... o_O
    The only thing was that all his money comes from mommy and daddy. He's 25.


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