Party of Two

Submitted by Jessica:
I met Rick at my friend's engagement party and he seemed like a nice guy so I agreed to be set up with him. The first date was great.  I felt like we had really clicked and so did he, so we organized to go out again the next night.

The date started out as great as the previous one, and he suggested that we stop by a mate's party. I was having fun so I agreed. We drove for ages and ended up on the other side of the city.  The house with the "party" was empty.  No one was home, but he quickly made himself at home by smoking and getting himself a beer. I stood in stunned silence as he pulled a mattress from a side room and placed it on the floor.

I sat on the couch, but he kept gesturing for me to move onto the mattress. I eventually moved down and sat on the edge and the next thing I knew he was massaging my knee. I pushed him away and moved to the couch only for him to follow me and try again.  It was terrifying!

He ended up passing out on the mattress and I slept on the couch as:

1) He was in no state to drive me home
2) I didnt have my car with me and
3) I didnt know where I was for anyone to come and get me.

The drive home the next morning was the most awkward hour of my life.  As I got out of the car he had the nerve to ask, "Can I call you again sometime?"


  1. Or you could have borrowed his car keys and droven yourself home.

  2. Another thing, the slogan of this blog is "Bad Dates. Good stories." .. how are stories like these, that involve someone almost getting raped, good?

  3. There are some really insane/ignorant people out there. Anything that enables me to laugh at said people makes for a good story.

  4. So you laugh about almost-rapes? That's a healthy sense of humor..

  5. Jesus Christ. WTF is with the recent rash of stupid women who allow themselves to stay in unsafe situations?

    Dating rules:
    1. ALWAYS HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN FOR GETTING HOME. Call a friend. Call a cab. Walk. Steal his car. Call the cops (who can trace your phone's GPS.)

    2. NO MEANS NO. If you are uncomfortable with his moves--no matter how platonic they may seem to the trolls in this forum--then let him know. If he doesn't "speak the language," do as another poster on here did and speak the universal language of putting his nuts back into his body cavity. Then LEAVE.

    3. Always make sure someone knows where you are. Tell a friend where and when you are meeting this person, and let them know that if shit goes south, you will be calling them. Or have them call you at a designated time to make sure you're okay.

    Christ on a hotdog, people. Not dying isn't that difficult. And JMG, God love you, but you're a sick bastard sometimes.

  6. @10:09
    If you read my comment, you'd have gleaned that I never said that almost-rape was funny. I said that a good story is something that enables me to laugh at insane/ignorant people. The guy in this story is a bumbling, inebriated idiot who lacks social skills. He deserves to have fun poked at him.

    You love it and you know it.

  7. You could probably say that about most rapists, except it's at the cost of the victims. Whatever, it's not like this story is sick or anything, it's just not entertaining if you ask me.. a girl goes out with a guy and he almosts rapes her, end of story. Not as funny as naked clowns or people and their imaginary friends.

  8. Agreed. Although no one was raped in this story.

    A bad date's a bad date. Not every story featured may be hysterical, but I appreciate your feedback.

  9. I'd love to hear some of JMG's date stories, but I don't think he's been out on one.

  10. Hahahahaha. If the story isn't labeled with a "Submitted by" on this site, then it's mine.

  11. Ok jeez people, I thought the purpose of this site was to entertain with bad date stories, not to criticize and admonish those who suffered through bad dates.

    Yeah, she could have done this and yeah, she could have done that, but so what? She could have called a cab? Maybe the empty house had no phone and she didn't have a cell phone on her?

    Anyways, they say hindsight is always 20/20, so its rather easy to act all omniscient and declare how stupid she was for not leaving, but I'm willing to bet most of the posters here would have done the same if put in a similar situation.

  12. you had a great time, and he felt it was time to take it further, that sounds like a sexual invite, not "almost rape". you stupid cunts think everyone wants to "rape" you. I think you are excited by the fact someone actually wants your stinking ass and scream to the world so you can get attention when they show the slightest incication they find you attractive.

  13. Jesuschristonafuckingcracker, you people need to figure out what rape and attempted rape are! This guy made a move while on a date and got rejected. That's not rape.

    Both the writer and the subject of this story are morons and deserve to be laughed at. No one was raped or "almost raped" here. Get a fucking grip.


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