One of Those Days

Submitted by Ana:

Jake was a single dad I met online. He asked me out and seemed on the level. He sent me pictures of his two-year-old son, David, and I liked what I heard.

Jake asked me to meet him at his house. I knocked on the front door and I heard him shout, "Come in!" from somewhere in the house.

I opened the door to see little David, pantless, squatting over a white runner, and going to the bathroom all over it.

"Oh my god!" I shouted, and when Jake came into the room, he was angry at me.

"What did you do to him?" he demanded, "He never does this!"

I didn't do anything, but I couldn't say anything, at a loss for words. He scooped his poop-caked son up into his arms and said, "Now the carpet's ruined!"

He disappeared into the house with David, leaving me alone, so I left.


  1. How crappy of him. I bet every time a woman comes to the door she runs.

  2. That's what I call a terrible 2. *rim shot*

  3. he either had to go with anger or utter embarrassment I guess. It would have been a nice story when asked "was it love at first sight? though

  4. Sounds like a closet pedophile to me.

  5. ^ Further posting to this topic is now unnecessary.

  6. Elizabeth R.11/14/2009 9:53 PM

    Oh my god, unbelievable. It's hard to believe how people behave isnt' it?

  7. hahahahahaha, now THAT is a bad date.

  8. That is awesome :)
    For next time: don't visit people you met online at their home for the first time.

  9. Brilliant post.

  10. Gosh, wish I could have had this guy. We are talking about my pet subject from middle/high school. My answer would be: Primarily homo sapien sapien with a chance of 2-3% homo sapien neandertalensis judging by my ancestral origins.


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