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Submitted by Joe:

I was on a date with a girl I picked up at a party.  She seemed really cool and laid back.  Then she asked me if I did drugs.

I told her that I did pot occasionally, and she backed away, saying, "I'm training to be a cop.  I don't know if I should arrest you or what, but this date is over."

I went home and lit up to celebrate.


  1. f that ho! my old roommate did the same thing to me.

  2. ...and this would be the reason why people of all walks of life are united in their hatred of cops. Legalize it already and go solve some actual crimes.

    1. Until it's legalized (which I support, BTW), it *is* an actual offense. Don't expect a cop to condone you breaking the law.

  3. That's like the date version of entrapment!

  4. Hahahahaha.

    This was awesome.

  5. @Jack: I thought the same thing!

  6. Users lose drugs.

  7. Le.gal.ize.

    It's absurd that weed is still illegal.

  8. I don't like smoking pot, but I do agree that it should be legalized, or at least decriminalized. its less dangrous to your health than smoking and drinking...

  9. Hell, they could at least keep it as a Schedule II in pharmacies.

  10. Arrest you for saying you smoke pot? Sounds like she's got a hell of a lot more training to do...

  11. Yeah... you need more than someone saying they do it. You could just say "I was saying it to impress her, I don't really do drugs!" and if she was a cop (not in training) she *might* be able to test you, but I'm not sure.


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