It's Not Worth Waiting a Year for Some Things

Submitted by Stephanie:

I met Brad online. He and I talked almost a year before we decided to actually meet up, mostly because I was hesitant meeting guys online.  I finally agreed to let him take me on a date at a local pub.

First off he called me as I was arriving at the bar saying that he might have to cancel because he had a lot of homework. I told him that I was already there and that he'd better show up.

When he finally showed up, I didn't even recognize him from the pictures he sent me because they were at least three years old and he had practically doubled in size since then.  Second, he was wearing Crocs and sweatpants.  I wasn't aware that that was first date attire.

I was already irritated, and to top it all off he was completely rude in person.  He mocked everything from my height (I'm only 5'2) to my small hands and feet.

Just when I'd had enough and was going to tell him I was leaving he asked, "Hey want to go back to my house for drinks and more?"

What?!  I declined, saying that I had forgotten about some other plans to which he responded, "Ah, it's probably better that way.  My wife will be home soon anyway."

I turned and walked out without saying a word to him.  On my way home he texted me, "Hey that was fun.  We should go out again."  Don't think so buddy.


  1. there were no warning signs over the course of an entire year that this guy was first, married and second, a jerk?

    You might want to brush up on your perception skills.

  2. Nope, he was always very polite and nice over email and on the phone. never mentioned a wife, only that he had recently gotten out of the navy and wanted to move because he didn't like his "roommate"

  3. The only appropiate place for crocs is in a garbage can.

  4. ^ Or on the nurses for whom they were intended. I think.

  5. Wow you are a good person. I would have left as soon as he walked in!

  6. He called explaining that he wanted to cancel, then Stephanie replied that "he'd better show up." I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pleasant request on her part.

    I don't know why he actually showed up, but his actions intended to annoy and bother her because he figured that if he was going to go out he might as well have some fun.

    I doubt he wanted "drinks and sexy time", that he has a wife, and that he really wanted to go out again.

    Stephanie needs to learn that this is what is expected from people who live on the internet.

  7. Also you shouldn't put a year of your time into this, you could have seen right away he was a loser, and obviously a year of talking to him didn't help filter anything out.

  8. ^ Yep. And next time, don't be so hesitant, just meet in a public place sooner than a damn year. Better to get the disappointment over with.

  9. Stephanie, I just have to say I hope you learned something from this.

    "...he and I talked almost a year..., I was hesistant to meeting guys online."

    What's so different than meeting a stranger in public vs online? You get aquainted online (2-3 emails), then meet at a public place for a date. You shouldn't waste time if you haven't met the guy in person.

    Everything is just the same as meeting a stranger, giving out your number and then meeting for a date. Except in your case you foolishly wasted a year conversing when this would have been over much sooner if you just went out like normal people do.


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