Cold-Blooded. Scaly. My Date.

Submitted by Erica:

Charles and I met at a local computer store.  I was having trouble finding the right printer cartridges for my machine, and I was also having trouble finding a helpful sales clerk.  He helped me out, we talked, and I gave him my number.

There was a reptile show at a nearby exhibition hall, and he really wanted to go.  I'm not the biggest fan of lizards, snakes and the like, although my older brother had a gecko when I was younger.  It was a curious, but different, choice for a first date.

The entire time while we were there, he ignored me.  I tried to make conversation and ask questions, but he gave off a strong, "Why are you bothering me?" vibe.  Why invite me to a reptile show if you'd have obviously rather gone by yourself?  I contented myself with taking photos of the various animals.

We made it to one table where some sort of rare lizard was being shown.  He was spellbound, and fought his way up to the head of the crowd to see it.  I texted him to call me when he was done, and I turned and checked out more of the exhibition.

Fifteen or so minutes later, someone screamed and a blur of security guards whooshed past me.  Turns out, Charles was caught trying to steal a breeding pair of lizards.  They caught him, and that, I believe, was the end of our "date."

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  1. Sounds like a bad sitcom plot. At least you found out that he was crazy before he unleashed the dragon.


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