Friends Without Benefits

Submitted by Daniel:

Marissa and I were friends in high school and I was always attracted to her, but I never acted on it and when we started college we lost touch.

We got reacquainted at a mutual friend's party back home and I asked her out.  She was really affectionate to me all throughout dinner and it was easy to see that she liked me.

After dinner, we went for a walk and at one point she asked me something like, "How is it that you're still single?"

I asked her the same thing and she said, "Well, I'm actually seeing a guy back at school."

I asked her, "Is it an exclusive thing?" and she gave a slow nod.

I was about to say that, as I had been cheated on in the past, I wasn't interested in potentially helping someone else cheat. Although I was tempted to.

She cut me off by telling me that she really wanted to sleep with me.  Then, she started crying.

I held her and told her that it was all okay. Then she said that her boyfriend had given her warts.

I told her that I'd really prefer to just stay friends after hearing that.


  1. Oof, good call on remaining friends at that point.

    I have a feeling she went to Rutgers...

  2. That's her seduction line? That her boyfriend gave her warts? Ewwww.

  3. Bullet: dodged

  4. I really like you... I have always liked you... Let's have sex... I even have warts for extra ribbing!

  5. Absolutely agree on the dodged bullet, just thank God she told you before it had gone to far.

  6. Ugh all over. She was probably confused and really upset about where her life was. Thank goodness she gave you full disclosure.

  7. Was her name Jennie Warts?

  8. I asked her, "Is it an exclusive thing?" and she gave a slow nod.

    "Ok, good night. Date's over"!


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