Even Science Can't Help You

Submitted by Elizabeth:

Eric was a blind date.  He brought me to a bar.

He kicked back half a dozen shots before he asked me if I wanted to go back to my place.  I declined, and then he asked me if I wanted to see where he worked.  He was an engineer and for some reason, I thought, "Hey, why not see the inside of a lab?  I can probably take him down if he tries anything," and so we went out to my car, as he was far too gone to do any of his own driving.

We made it into his lab, he flashed his ID at a side door, and in we went.

Upon entering the half-lit hallway, he, predictably, couldn't contain himself any longer, pressed me to the wall, and began kissing me.  I said, "Wait until we get to the lab.  It'll be so much hotter in there."

He gave me a look that told me that he was all over the idea.  He turned and continued down the hall.  I thought about running at that moment, but realized that he could likely catch up, so I followed him to the darkened lab area.  I asked him where the bathroom was.  He gave me slurred directions and I told him that I'd be right back.

I left the building the same way that I came in, went into my car, and left.  I know that I was lucky, especially given that I never heard from him again.


  1. Couldn't you have had a bit more fun with him? What kind of lab was this? Could you have fed him into some sort of emasculation device or tenderizer machine or whatever it is that engineers have lying about their labs?

  2. Another bad date where the guy gets drunk and the lady decides to hang out with him some more, to the point to where things get dangerous. Astounding how many foolish good ladies there are out there.

  3. So because he got drunk and kissed you, that automatically means he's a rapist?

  4. It may be safe to imply that this guy wanted more than just a drunken kiss. Either way, she's right to have left if it was an uncomfortable situation. I'm surprised she didn't end it at the bar.

  5. She likely led him on by letting him pick up the tab. Hell, I bet she wanted him to get drunk so he would pay for her entire night. She nearly got what she had coming to her. If his pocket book is going to get screwed by that tramp then the tramp should at least put out.

  6. "I can probably take him down if he tries anything"
    Ah, romance.

  7. "Ah, romance."


  8. Once again. Please cut the bullshit ladies. If you felt uncomfortable with the douche getting wasted at the bar when his mind CLEARLY was on getting the sex then anything that happened after that was YOUR fault.

    The date should have ended there. Unfortunately for you there wouldn't have been a good story to put up here. Hold on.. this wasn't a good story either.

  9. Of course you never heard from him again -- you took off in the middle of a blind date without even saying goodbye! Which was of course the right thing to do if you felt unsafe. But your not hearing from him again doesn't mean he was dangerous.


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