Dude, Where's My Date?

Submitted by Rico:

Kendra and I exchanged messages on a dating site for a couple of weeks when I had the crazy idea of meeting up.I   brought up the notion in an e-mail, and didn't hear back from her for a few days, which was unusual.

When she did write back, it was a nice enough message, but didn't at all reference why she hadn't written back for a while (not really any of my business) or address my invitation to go out.

I wrote back, and again asked her if she would want to meet up.

She wrote back again, once more ignoring my question.

I wrote back with a single question: Would you like to go out sometime?

I didn't hear back from her for a week.

Then, she wrote me again, nice as nice could be, not addressing my request at all.

At this point, I figured that she was playing some sort of game, so I stopped replying to her and decided to move on.  Of course, she wrote me back after a little while to ask why she hadn't heard from me.  I wrote back to let her know that she was coming across as not being serious, as every time I asked if if she wanted to meet up, she would ignore the question.

She wrote back asking me why I was so obsessed with meeting up and that the act of me asking such a question was evidence that I was coming on too strongly.

I wrote back, "That's what people who date do.  They see each other in person.  Why else would you be on a dating site?  Just to waste my time?"

She didn't write back.  So much the better.


  1. My knack tells me that she needed more time to get to know you first but you pushed too hard and she bolted.
    Too soon to tell if this was a bad character trait.
    Maybe you came across as the guy who gets on such sites just to get one night stands and she got the vibe.

  2. She was one of those proverbial "confused" girls that like to get attention from guys but it also freaks them out because they're, you know, confused...

  3. She was most likely a fat, sweaty man that was jerkin it to your emails. Did she ever ask to exchange a few "sexier" pics with you? You should find her address and go see what's up. If she is a she then rape her for wasting your time, if she is a man then rape him for wasting your time.

  4. Hehehehe... I talked to a man on a dating site who pulled this exact same routine until I stopped talking to him. Then it was "Hey, I thought we were getting along?". Hard to go out on a date when the "go out" part is missing. Who wants to do nothing but talk on the internet? Boring!

  5. you obviously were trying to meet up too soon for her...the fact that she tried to brush it off meant that you should have waited a bit longer.

  6. 9:53 -- A few weeks? I thinks that's plenty of time.. Most people will lose patience, it's not like he's Asking her to move in, just to meet up, in a public place.. I could understand if he kept pestering her the first few emails.. I think any guy would agree and i wouldn't be surprised if she was still on the dating site.


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