Desperation, Thy Name is Texting

Submitted by Joan:

Robert showed up to our first date in a faded, torn band t-shirt and jeans that were torn at the bottom.  On the plus side, he was a good talker... about himself.  Whenever I said something or contributed an idea, he didn't seem interested at all.

I'd say, "Tell me about your music," and he wouldn't shut up for twenty minutes.

I'd say, "I play the flute," and he'd say, "That's cool," or something even shorter.  It's difficult to build a good conversation with someone when they don't build off of what you're giving them.

In any event, after dinner, he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place.  I declined, and he asked me again.  Again, I declined, and was already tired of him at this point.

Finally we parted, and a couple of minutes later he sent me a text message.  "r u SURE???"

I texted back, "YES."

A minute later, he sent, "WHY???"

I texted, "I have work early tomorrow," which was the truth.  I also just didn't want to go back to his place!

He wrote back, "I'LL DRIVE U IN.  COME ON."

I ignored this message, and five minutes later, he sent, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH U?"



Did I mention that the guy was 30?

Maybe he wasn't used to rejection.  I didn't reply to any more of his messages, but he certainly wasn't shy about sending me more of them until I turned my phone off.


  1. The CAPS would have been enough for me. What a tool, er TOOL.

  2. Nice to the above anon.


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