A Date with a Hummingbird

Submitted by Joseph:

I asked a girl out from the Internet (first mistake) and took her to a coffee place.

After five minutes, she said, "Let's take a walk," so we took a walk.

After a few minutes on the walk, she said, "Let's go for dinner," so we found a sit-down place.

After ordering an appetizer to share, she said, "Let's go somewhere else," and made as if to leave.  I told her that I was planning to stay for the appetizer at least.  She groaned but stuck around.  After we had eaten the appetizer and I had paid for it, we left.

"Let's walk down to the river," she said, so we walked down towards the river.

Almost there, she turned around and said, "Let's get some ice cream," so we went and got ice cream.

Then, she said, "Okay.  Now let's go to the river," so we walked towards the river.

Halfway there, she said, "I don't feel like going to the river anymore.  Let's go walk downtown again."

I asked her why she changed her mind so often.  She said, "I'm normally too much for guys to handle."  I didn't think that she was too much to handle, but I did find her extremely annoying.  I finished the date just fine, after she changed her mind a dozen more times about other things, and I didn't call her anymore.  Not my type.


  1. "Let's go to my house and get naked"....no let's go to your house and get naked. What a dilldo.

  2. Probably annoyingly nervous or has ADD. I'd stay far away from that one.


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