Beaming Down

Submitted by Lauren:

I have a passing interest in sci-fi.  Elliot took me to a big convention for a date, which I felt was unusual, but also a little dangerous for a first-time date.

The first thing he did when we arrived was scream, "Oh my God! [INSERT NAME OF STARGATE ACTOR WHO I DON'T KNOW]'s here! I had no idea!"

Someone walked by and told us that he was signing autographs as we spoke, so Elliot jumped on the back of the line, which was nearly wrapped around the venue.

"This might take a little while," he said, and grinned at me. I waited with him for a little bit, then asked him if I could go take a quick walk around.

He said, "Okay, but don't go too far."

On my walk, I saw the usual troop of costumed folks, various vendors, and sci-fi themed activities. There were some B-celebrities, sitting almost alone at tables, and I laughed at them.

Someone tapped my shoulder. It was Elliot.

He asked, "Where were you? I was looking everywhere for you."

I told him that I had just been walking around and I asked him if he had grabbed the autograph that he had wanted.

He told me that he didn't because he missed me too much to keep waiting on line.

Then, he began singing a sci-fi theme right in my face. I didn't recognize it, but it went something like, "Da da da na NA NA da, da da na da na da..."

Aside from that, he ignored me for most of the rest of the date, except when he would turn to me with the occasional, "This is so cool!" or "Da na DA DA na DA!"

I even ended up with a couple of B-level autographs, so I guess I had fun at the convention. Just not really with him.


  1. "There were some B-celebrities, sitting almost alone at tables, and I laughed at them."

    Ugh. You sound...just awful. Terrible, really. Sure, you may not have been into the guy, but he sounds much more fun and personable than you.


  2. I think I recognize that theme song.

  3. You know I've never been to a convention and would like to try it, but it seems to me that a convention would be a bit like going for tapas.

    Tapas isn't something to take lightly. You have to know the people you're with; their tastes and how much food they will eat. All people in the group must have this understanding as well as being a good tapas match.


    Thinking about it, maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps tapas and conventions are the ultimate date, a crucible where a potential relationship can be instantly tested to destruction.

  4. Is it just me who thinks that sounds like quite a fun date?

  5. Actually it sounds a lot like HE should have been the one writing about the bad date...least he put some effort in it!

  6. There were some B-celebrities, sitting almost alone at tables, and I laughed at them.

    And exactly WHO are you? Oh right, another nobody.....


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