Stuff to Not Bring on a Date: Part 1

Submitted by Christopher:

I was on a date once with a girl who was cat sitting for the week and for some reason had to pick up the cat BEFORE the date and bring it with her.

Of course, no restaurant would let us sit down inside with a cat, and she got more and more angry.  She muttered under her breath and breathed heavily.  Finally, on our way to yet another place I stopped us and told her that it was stupid to be looking for a restaurant while bringing a cat along.  She turned around and said that it was stupid to be on a date when she was supposed to be looking after a cat.  I told her that I agreed, and then she threw a hissy fit and I was able to calm her down, but the date ended there.


  1. Son, as you go through life I have only five words for you: Stay away from cat ladies.

  2. I wouldn't call someone who is taking care of someone's cat to be a "cat lady". Anyway...

    I don't understand why she couldn't have just left the cat at her place or something. If I was letting someone take care of my cat, I wouldn't want them to bring the cat along with them to a restaurant. That's just weird and would probably freak the cat out.

  3. If she gets like this with a cat (That isn't even hers.)... Bullet dodged.


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