Leapfrogging into Madness

Submitted by John:

I was a lifeguard at a beach a little over a year ago and started flirting with Emily, another lifeguard.  We made plans one night to hit up a restaurant right there on the beach.

I was at the restaurant and waiting for her when she sent me a text message that read, "Meet me by the stand on the beach."  The lifeguard stand was about a quarter-mile away, but I walked there to meet up with her.  She was there with another guy, who she introduced as Larry.

She turned to me and said, "Are you ready to go to the restaurant?"

I said, "That's where I just came from.  Where we agreed to meet, remember?"

She pulled Larry along and said, "Let's go!"

Dinner was the most awkward thing I can ever remember.  She and Larry sat on the same side of the table, facing me and tickling each other.

When she went to the bathroom, I asked him if they were together.  He said that they were just friends.

I guess I wasn't clear enough to Emily that I expected a date, rather than some weird sort of chaperone situation, but trust me, it got weirder.

Dinner was about over when I suggested that I leave, as it seemed pretty obvious that Emily and Larry were pretty into each other.  Both of them said, "No!  No, don't go!  It's still early."  I began to wonder if they were in the market for a threesome (which, admittedly, I'd be game for, but only if two women were involved) and Emily said, "Let's go down to the beach!"

At the deserted beach, she went running ahead, doing cartwheels and falling over herself in the sand.  Larry and I walked next to each other, and I turned to him and said, "No offense, but I was sort of under the impression that this was supposed to be a date between myself and her."

He turned to me and said, "We're leapfrogging.  She didn't tell you?"

I asked, "No.  What's leapfrogging?"

Emily made it to the edge of the water and turned back to us.  She asked, "You guys ready?"

Larry started taking his clothes off.  She nodded to me as if I was supposed to follow suit.  I asked again, "Uh... what's leapfrogging?"

She said, "Leapfrogging!"  She started taking her own clothes off.  Larry was naked.  Emily said, "Larry, help him out."

The instant that Larry put his hands on me, I jumped away.  Emily had stopped undressing and looked at me.  I said, "What the hell are you two doing?  What's leapfrogging?"

Emily motioned for Larry to again approach me.  I took off, tearing down the beach.  Larry was after me for a little while, but I figured (correctly) that I'd lose him once I made for the boardwalk area.

The only interaction that Emily and I had about it afterward was at work when she said, "You missed a great time last night."

Does anyone know what leapfrogging is?  Did I really miss out on something tremendous, here?  I'm not into naked guys, so keep that in mind.


  1. She wanted a threesome with you being the meat in the middle.

  2. Reminds me of a joke I heard once:

    Sign at the nudist camp: "All leapfroggers are requested to complete their leaps."

  3. a threesome, with the two of you pulling out and coming on each other.

  4. Ah, but for the path left untaken.

  5. This is pure insanity. Consider yourself fortunate you got away. Ask yourself how you were attracted to her in the first place. You can usually read a person's face to some degree.

  6. check urban dictionary. there's a rather interesting definition on there...


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