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Topping it Off

Story Sent in by Courtney:

Jon was a cute pizza delivery boy who I met at my job. Whenever our department ordered pizza for whatever event, we'd invariably order from the same place, and all the single (and frequently the non-single) women of the office would prepare themselves, excitedly, for Jon's arrival.

I guessed him to be just a little younger than I was, at the time, which was 25. He was tall, well-built, and had a beautiful smile. The routine was always the same. He'd come in with the pizzas and put them on my desk, as I had the front-most desk in the office. We'd trade small talk, I'd give him a tip out of our petty cash, he'd flash me (and anyone else who "happened" to be there) a smile, then he'd say, "See you soon," and leave.

I resolved to engage him in more meaningful conversation the next time that pizzas were ordered, and I didn't have long to wait (we ordered pizzas at least twice a month). The next time he delivered to us, I invited him to sit down and talk, if he had a few minutes. He did, we talked, and wouldn't you know it, he asked for my number.

We had a couple of good phone conversations, and he asked me out on a date.

He took me to the pizza parlor where he worked. That was a little strange, not because I had anything against pizza, but because he knew every guy there, customer and employee alike. About half a dozen guys were there, and they were out for blood.

"Hey, who's your friend?"

"She's hot."

"Does she do sloppy seconds? Ha ha!"

It was embarrassing and disrespectful. Worst of all, far from asking his friends to stop, or suggesting that we go elsewhere, he just smiled and laughed along with them.

They wouldn't let up, and I took it into my own hands and said, "Can we go somewhere else?"

He said, "My pizza place isn't good enough for you?"

I told him, "No, but your friends are harassing me."

He gave a huge eye-roll and said, "They're just kidding. Can't you take a joke?"

"There's joking around, and then there's the lewd hand gestures your friends are making."

That made him mad. "Now you want to tell my friends what they can and can't do? Jesus!"

It was an increasingly uncomfortable situation, and I left. I didn't deserve any of that.

The next chance I had, at work, I told my boss about what had happened, and he was understanding enough to never order from that place again. We found a different pizza place, and everything worked out fine.


Blah blah blah, my date took me to his workplace and everybody there found me super hot. Holy Humblebrag, Batman!

That was pretty cool of your boss, OP.

OP sounds like a controlling mega-B. I hope all the single women (and some of the non-single women) took you out behind the office and beat you with a sack of phone books for costing them their hot pizza delivery guy.

And seriously, what were you expecting from a pizza delivery boy? Dinner, dancing, and amazing conversation? Maybe you just thought he had a lot of dough?

Cursing, suggested violence, saying exactly what I was thinking, and an incredible pun to top it off!

What more can you ask for in a comment section?

This just sounds like a bad date with someone who is immature. Rather than changing pizza places, you could have just had another coworker pick up the pizza. No reason to have gone to that drastic of a measure.

This honestly sounds like the OP blew it out of proportion. The guy worked there-so he would know everyone. What's worse honestly-going to eat at a restaurant where someone works or ussing the food delivery service at your job as a dating service?

I don't think she's a controlling megabitch-she just blew it out of proportion and expected a guy who is younger than her and not settled in life to be up to her standards. Not a bad date-just a mismatch of individuals.

Touche! Seems silly to me that the OP picked up the pizza boy AT WORK, nonetheless, based solely on looks, and then is surprised that he doesn't wine and dine her like some high-salaried and cultured business professional would.

Sucks that he didn't respect her enough to go somewhere else, though...

Have a coworker drive to get pizza from that place, vs. just order delivery from somewhere else? How is that a simpler solution?

Sounded pretty clear that the issue was his being okay with a lot of disrespect from his friends. Glad she left.

Completely team OP. It doesn't seem like she was uptight about it, just really uncomfortable about being leered and gestured at. Sucks when meeting someone interesting turns out to be a big disappointment.

omg! JMG, I have to know. Is pizzaguy's name real or made up? This incredibly sounds like my work. All the detail fits, the front most lady is slightly older, always talking about Jon the hot pizza guy and inviting other ladies around the office when he is delivering. Now I sit in a different building so I haven't the pleasure of meeting the pizza guy but everybody knows that at our work. And the story telling style reminded me her too. Come to think of it we didn't have pizza for a while.
Or is this totally common woman fantasy and common in other work place too!

It's funny how hot guys get all the girls attracted to them, but they usually never develop anything else to compliment the looks and the girls just end up frustrated.

Seen it a few times.

My advice, go for the guy that doesn't have all the women drooling, and same for the dudes.

Yeah, it's totally the OP's fault for not being a good sport while a gaggle of guys she never met joked about banging her. She must be a total stuck up bitch to not think "I hope she does sloppy seconds" is a confirmation of her hotness.

Romance isn't dead, it just lives quietly at the pizza parlor.

That's pretty funny to hear, but alas, I change all proper names. Don't want the pizza guy union coming after me to lather me in pepperoni.

Blah blah blah, some of the men here don't understand what sexual harassment is and come off as total doucherags. Holy Misogyny, Batman!

And I was so excited to know one of the characters here.

I think he was the bad date for taking her to his workplace (sorry, but a date is for getting to know your date, not hanging out with your friends and showing off the hot girl you brought). On the other hand, she probably shouldn't have expected much from a pizza delivery guy, but maybe she was just giving him the benefit of the doubt. He could have been working while putting himself through college or something, after all.

And invariably the women are labeled something like "stuck up bitches" because they don't go along with the disrespect.

Some women like to be objectified and treated like a piece of meat, but assuming all do is a big mistake.

Sound advice, but if you're shallow to begin with, and many people are... well, you have the world as it is today. And this site, lol.

Maybe you thought he had a big pepperoni too?

Yes JMG, ya don't wanna cheese off the pizza union. They might slice ya.

Should have taken the big fat dirty tampon out of your snatch and bitch slapped him with it.

Also, get more realistic expectations of your you are dating.

If she's that stuck up she wouldn't be caught dead going on a date with a pizza delivery boy.....

I'm with OP here, thoroughly annoying to be leered at and displayed as a trophy.
I read once (some ethnographic study of pizza delivery boys I think), that a major theme of discussion is whether or not they get some action with customers. Think of it as construction workers who follow women home...

A controlling megabitch for objecting to being sexually harassed. As said upthread, holy misogyny Batman!

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