Holy Moly Night

Story Sent in by John:

Yvonne and I had been together for nine months when I asked her if she wanted to come over to my place for Christmas Eve. I planned an elaborate spread, a candlelit dinner, and a few good films to watch while cuddling. All in all, a great idea, I thought.

She loved the idea, and I went to work, researching recipes, films, candles, and so on. I wanted it to be a Christmas that neither of us would ever forget.

It wasn't. She arrived at my little apartment with her entire family. About a dozen people, total. I had not invited her family, and yet there they were: her three brothers, parents, a grandmother, two aunts, two uncles, and two cousins. Luckily, they brought loads of food, but I had only made enough for two.

I didn't say a word about it in front of anyone as they popped open beers, parked themselves on my couch, and made my evening several times louder than I had anticipated.

Not too long into it, I took Yvonne aside and explained the situation to her. She was mortified and apologized about 700 times, saying that it was a misunderstanding on her part and so on.

It was really okay. Not what I expected, but on the plus side, at least I was spending Christmas Eve with her, and her family had brought plenty of food and drinks.

Fun was had up until her older cousin, known for drinking a bit over-zealously, tried to stand up too quickly from the couch. I rushed to steady him, but he pulled away from me and shouted, "You're sleeping with her, but I will marry her!"

The other cousin and an uncle ushered him out and left for the night. After that awkwardness, the remainder of her family stuck around a little longer, then finally left, leaving Yvonne and I alone by midnight.

Before she left (she hadn't anticipated staying over), she asked if we could try a do-over of the dinner, the following night. She said she'd come over and do most of the cooking, and I agreed, provided that cooking be a team effort. It went great, and so has every tandem dinner since.

Her cousin didn't end up marrying her, after all.


  1. Yeah, this is why I don't date illegal immigrants. How many live chickens did she bring over?

    1. That's raciest....and really funny!

    2. I feel so wrong for laughing at that, Steve.

  2. Bringing the entire family...the ultimate cock block!

  3. Her cousin didn't end up marrying her, after all.

    This line bothers me. The fact that her cousin wanted to marry her and this didn't bother OP bothers me a little bit. Also, well, I don't know it just bothers me.

  4. Wow, this story had so much potential, and the worst thing that happened was a drunk cousin made an awkward statement? OP got off so easy with this one...

  5. Kinda nice having a happy ending for once...