Laugh and Call Him Names

Story Sent in by Cindy:

George and I were on one of our first dates (turned out to be our last), doing bar trivia. The question came up about what Santa's reindeer were named.

We put our heads together. "Easy," I said, "Cupid, Comet, Dancer, Donner, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen."

George shook his head, "No, it's Bonner."

"Bonner? There is no Bonner reindeer."

"I'm positive," George said, "Bonner. Not Donner."

"There is no Bonner!"

"How much you want to bet?"

"Five hundred dollars."

"You're on!"

He hastily scribbled down the names, including the ridiculous "Bonner" and turned it in to the trivia host.

Sure enough, I was right. George jumped off his bar stool and approached the host, apparently to lodge a challenge against the results. George typed a few things into his smartphone, and kept at it until the trivia host told him that the game had to go on.

When George came back to the table, I told him, "I'll take large or small bills."

"Shut up!" George said, then chugged down his beer. "It's Bonner, and I'll prove it!"

"Then prove it."

He then said, "Yeeeaaaarrrggh!" and then grabbed his coat and ran away.

I still send him the occasional email, reminding him that he still owes me $500 (plus interest), but the money and/or response never arrives.


  1. Proposing a 500 dollar bet is pretty classless, OP.

  2. Either way, you're both wrong. It's Donder. After the great nomatophobia family Christmas smackdown of '92 over the matter and many encyclopedias were thrown, I know. RIP Nana.

  3. You're both right and both wrong.

    The original Livingston poem read Dunder and Blixem. Moore republished it and changed the names to Donder and Blitzen. And Johnny Marks turned it to Donner for his song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Any of those should have been taken as correct, but not "Bonner."


  4. Everyone knows Bonner is from U2!

    1. Careful Steve, making fun of Bono might get you ...*puts on sunglasses*... too close to the Edge.


  5. OP, you're the best! Love how you keep pinging him for the $500! I hate when jackasses always insist they are right (I am frequently one of these jackasses)and am grateful for the invention of the smartphone so the arguments can quickly be put to bed.

  6. Donner is right. Emailing him about owing you $500 is lame.


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